Beirut: – DRAPP, the innovative telehealth application known for its cutting-edge healthcare solutions, proudly declares an exciting alliance with Wissam Breidy, a distinguished public figure and entrepreneur in the MENA Region.

DRAPP has revolutionized the healthcare landscape by providing convenient and reliable telemedicine services to individuals, ensuring easy access to top-notch healthcare professionals for medical advice regardless of geographical constraints, empowering patients to take control over their health.

Wissam Breidy's extensive experience in public engagement aligns perfectly with DRAPP's mission to make healthcare more accessible and efficient. Wissam is a serial entrepreneur, with a multitude of investments in communication & media with a diverse portfolio, franchise models and other apps.

Through this partnership, both parties intend to build the best strategies to drive the growth of DRAPP in the MENA Region

We are thrilled to join forces with Wissam Breidy, whose dedication to community welfare and entrepreneurial expertise will undoubtedly amplify our efforts to promote accessible healthcare," said Hady Bsat, Founder & CEO of DRAPP. "This partnership symbolizes our shared commitment to making quality healthcare services more available to individuals who are willing to take control over their health, across the region.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the collaboration, Wissam Breidy shared, "I am honored to partner with DRAPP, a platform that is at the forefront of transforming healthcare delivery. Together, we aim to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to prioritize their health and well-being."

This strategic alliance between DRAPP and Wissam Breidy marks a significant step towards bridging gaps in healthcare accessibility, especially among expats and frequent travelers, fostering a culture of proactive wellness, impacting positively the lives of people globally.


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DRAPP: Instagram & Facebook: @drapp_me  // LinkedIn: Drapp_me

Wissam Breidy: Instagram & Facebook: wissambreidy // LinkedIn: Wissam Breidy

About DRAPP:

DRAPP is a leading cross borders telehealth application, unlocking agile practice and driving Clinical Impact. With more than 2,000 doctors serving patients in more than 100 countries, across primary care, specialized care, mental health and wellness; DRAPP is committed to providing accessible and reliable healthcare services to individuals through innovative technological solutions. DRAPP operates in LEBANON and EGYPT, with expansion plans into GCC and Levant in 2024. DRAPP connects users with licensed healthcare professionals, facilitating online consultations, medical records, e-prescriptions, and insurance coverage, anytime, anywhere.

About Wissam Breidy:

Wissam Breidy is a prominent public figure & entrepreneur known for his influential presence in social and humanitarian causes. Wissam has proven track record in corporate communication, multimedia, and media offerings, in addition to being on top of brand reputation and crisis management in the MENA Region.