• The Dayholi VR experiential bubble takes virtual reality to an even higher level by engaging all the senses to create a unique and memorable experience for customers to see, smell, feel, hear, and move through AI and Machine Learning.

Global – Dayholi, the award-winning sustainable Virtual Reality solution that brings the world to your home through cutting-edge VR experiences, is excited to announce the expansion of its executive team with the addition of Michael Gelpke - a renowned entrepreneur and venture capitalist - as a new Executive Board Member. Gelpke will focus on driving innovation and expanding Dayholi’s revolutionary VR products across the Middle East.

Michael Gelpke has a distinguished background in venture capital and a successful track record in supporting a large number of innovative start-ups ranging from FinTech, Robotics Tech, Security and Healthcare Tech. As the CEO of Glam Properties, he also oversees a global property portfolio that includes prime locations in Switzerland, Bali, and the UAE. Additionally, his experience trading the financial markets has seen him outperform the market with a notable 27% return via Aymara International Fund LLC.

Fjolla Holzleithner, CEO and Founder of Dayholi commented on the expansion of the board:

"We are thrilled to welcome Michael Gelpke to the Dayholi family - his visionary approach perfectly aligns with our company goals. Michael’s leadership will be crucial as we expand our offerings and elevate the VR experience to new heights, particularly in the Middle Eastern market. With his deep understanding of strategic planning and business development we believe that his insights will be instrumental in driving innovation and fostering a culture of excellence within Dayholi. As we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with VR technology, Michael's addition to the team will ensure that we remain at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry."

Michael Gelpke, Entrepreneur, and Venture Capitalist shared his enthusiasm about his new venture with the FinTech firm:

"I am honoured to join Dayholi and work alongside such a talented and dedicated team. Dayholi's technology is truly transformative, and I am excited to be part of its journey. The UAE, in particular, has a visionary approach to the future of technology, with its robust infrastructure and commitment to innovation. This region is poised to become a global hub for advanced tech solutions - and I am eager to leverage these opportunities to expand offerings across the Middle East. The forward-thinking environment in the UAE aligns perfectly with Dayholi’s mission to provide cutting-edge VR experiences that redefine how people interact with the world from their homes."

Dayholi’s innovative platform offers users the ability to explore the world from the comfort of their homes, synchronously and interactively, anytime, anywhere. The VR experiential bubble takes virtual reality to an even higher level by engaging all the senses to create a unique and memorable experience for customers. The addition of Michael Gelpke to the executive team underscores Dayholi’s commitment to attracting top-tier talent and fostering a culture of excellence and innovation.

The use of 8K resolution in VR lenses significantly enhances the immersive experience for users. With a resolution of 7680 x 4320, 8K displays offer incredibly sharp and detailed images, which can help to eliminate the screen-door effect common in lower-resolution displays. This, in turn, creates a more realistic and engaging environment for VR users, taking the virtual experience to new heights. As Dayholi continues to scale its operations and explore new opportunities, Michael Gelpke’s appointment marks a significant milestone in the company’s growth trajectory.

About Dayholi GMBH

Dayholi GMBH is the sustainable solution to experience the world from your home. Synchronously. Interactively. Anytime. Around the world. Dayholi offers VR experiences on the next level, with 360-degree live streams in brilliant 8K quality shown in VR glasses. Unique Dayholi technology adds scents and wind to your personal journey with the Dayholi VR dome.