Sharjah: The 11th edition of the Sharjah Government Communication Award (SGCA 2024) has extended a global invitation to government agencies, organisations, and private sector leaders to compete in the newly introduced category, "Best Investment in Soft Power to Support Communication Programmes." The category recognises those excelling in harnessing arts, sports, technology, culture, and education as effective communication tools to achieve development goals and strategies. As one of 13 categories open for direct submission, applications are accepted until August 1, 2024, via the award’s website,

Entities will compete to showcase their exceptional programs and initiatives that innovatively leverage soft power to achieve vital developmental objectives. This new category includes two awards - exclusively targeting government institutions and private companies and recognising their pioneering efforts in using soft power to drive impactful and positive change in societies and among the public.

Culture and Art: Potent Communication Tools

The ‘Best Investment in Soft Power to Support Communication Programmes’ award category seeks to honour outstanding efforts that have significantly enhanced public perception. It celebrates pioneering contributions in organising cultural and artistic events that reflect community values and culture or foster understanding between societies. Moreover, the award recognises investments across various sectors that create a positive impact through the power of arts, culture, knowledge and sports, addressing public interest issues, promoting positive values, and delivering beneficial messages to society and countries.

The award also celebrates soft power efforts to engage youth and encourage them to adopt healthy lifestyles. It honours initiatives that strengthen international relations and enhance the cultural image of the country or institution. Recognising the vital role of soft power as an effective communication tool that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, the award emphasises its importance in fostering global understanding and connections

Projects should demonstrate exceptional creativity and innovation in using soft power as a communication tool or in organising artistic, cultural, and sporting events. They should also prove effective audience engagement, sustainability of initiatives, and measurable impact. For detailed criteria, applicants can refer to the award's website.

Submission criteria

To ensure a successful submission to the SGCA, applicants are advised to submit an executive summary not exceeding 250 words, as well as a comprehensive and organised 1,000 words file that uses suitable headings, paragraphs, and illustrations to support the submission in addition to a summary or table of contents as an overview of the file. It is also recommended that the award file include introductory media such as infographics, videos, and photos, all of which must meet the specific criteria of the award category. 

Participants can submit their works that meet the award's criteria on its website, which offers comprehensive details about all the categories, criteria, and participation requirements.