Ajman, United Arab Emirates: In cooperation with the Federal Youth Authority (FYA), the Ajman Chamber Youth Council organized a youth seminar entitled “Technology and Education: Opportunities and Challenges”  to discuss opportunities for developing digital skills and the challenges of achieving technical readiness with a view of improving the quality of educational curricula, at the Emirates Hospitality Center in the Emirate of Ajman

Latifa Al Hammadi, a programming ambassador in the National Program for Coders, Dr. Ahmed Al Ali, co-founder and regional director of “Deepopinion AI” company, and Al Hassan Faraj Allah, a digital products developer at the Ajman Transport Authority participated in the youth seminar.

At the beginning of the session, Maryam Al Nuaimi, Chairperson of the Ajman Chamber Youth Council, welcomed the attendees, and stressed the importance of the discussion topics in light of the rapid technological developments that affect all sectors, especially the educational sector, explaining that the term technology has become a permanent synonym for education in terms of tools, programs, research, educational systems, and academic specializations and others

She said: “The close connection between technology and education witnesses opportunities and challenges, and therefore the importance of the youth seminar and its proactive and forward-looking role lies in taking advantage of the opportunities available in this regard, monitoring the challenges and turning them into pillars for documenting the integration of technology with education in general, especially in light of the support provided by the wise leadership to develop investment in the human element and provide an innovative and creative educational environment characterized by international standards of efficiency."

Participants discussed the rapid transformations taking place in the educational sector, the impact of technological tools on students’ levels, and the opportunities for using AI to improve the quality of education.

They identified several basic outcomes, namely, the need to diversify awareness channels about students benefiting from AI tools, encouraging students to innovate and support scientific research, and the importance of providing educational institutions with trained and qualified technical staff at the highest level.