• Through its participation in the exhibition, Tanmeyah intends to provide a wide and diverse range of financing solutions to more than 150 young men and women running micro and small enterprises.

Cairo: Tanmeyah for Microenterprise Services, a subsidiary of EFG Holding and Egypt’s leading provider of microfinance solutions, is delighted to announce its involvement in the inaugural edition of the "Business Ya Shabab" exhibition, held under the auspices of the Council of Ministers at the Cairo International Stadium at Pavilion B10. The primary objective of this participation is to empower 150 young artisans and entrepreneurs in small and micro-industries by offering a comprehensive selection of financing solutions tailored to their unique needs.

This exhibition is scheduled to run from September 28th to October 4th of 2023, providing an inspirational platform for young entrepreneurs with micro and small enterprises to showcase their innovative products to the public and to potential investors. The event also incorporates dedicated educational workshops where young individuals can acquire valuable skills and insights into business.

In this context, Jinu Johnson, CEO of Tanmeyah, underscores that Tanmeyah’s participation in the exhibition aligns with the company’s vision of fostering growth and prosperity among young visionary entrepreneurs and artisans, supporting the pivotal role played by this dynamic segment in advancing Egypt's economic development. Johnson emphasizes that Tanmeyah stands out for its diverse range of financing solutions and highly flexible programs, meticulously designed to empower young entrepreneurs to realize their ambitions. This, in turn, positively impacts the overall development of the national economy through addressing unemployment.

By empowering the next generation of business owners, Tanmeyah plays an integral part in building an inclusive and sustainable economy with widespread benefits for the community. Participation in the exhibition marks an exciting step in Tanmeyah's ongoing efforts to develop Egypt's talent pool and bolster the country's efforts in promoting its micro-business ecosystem.

Launched in 2009, Tanmeyah has grown to become Egypt’s premier microfinance player, providing access to critical capital that can transform lives, build businesses, and drive socioeconomic change. With the widest branch network in the country, deep industry knowledge, and community ties, Tanmeyah has improved the lives and built businesses of millions across the country. Tanmeyah has issued over 2 million financing facilities of various types and sizes. It currently serves a client base of around 400,000 active borrowers through its network of over 306 branches and 4,200 employees in 25 governorates.


About Tanmeyah for Microenterprise Services

Tanmeyah for Microenterprise Services is one of Egypt’s leading microfinance solutions provider. Founded in 2009 and acquired by EFG Holding in 2016, Tanmeyah quickly became Egypt’s pioneer in responsible financing for lower-income, small, and micro-enterprise owners with limited access to capital. The loans that Tanmeyah provides for this crucial segment of the population enable small entrepreneurs to launch and grow their businesses and support their surrounding communities. Tanmeyah directs its financing towards high-demand areas and individuals through branches in the heart of its communities, mainly in the Delta and Upper Egypt. It also offers products and services that complement the diverse needs of small businesses, such as individual lending for women and light vehicle loans. The company seeks to fuel economic growth, provide pathways out of poverty, and improve local living standards.

Tanmeyah currently operates 306 branches spanning 25 Egyptian governorates. The company boasts a client base of around 400,000 and is served by a bench strength of over 4,200 employees.

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