Doha, Qatar: Qatar Research, Development, and Innovation (QRDI) Council announced its newly the Knowledge Transfer Partnership program (KTP-Q), a new initiative developed under the QRDI 2030 National Strategy, among the activities happening at its Pavilion during the Web Summit Qatar 2024.

On the second day of Web Summit, QRDI Council unveiled the KTP- Q program in the presence of H.E. Neerav Patel, His Majesty’s Ambassador to the State of Qatar. Inspired by the successful Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) model from the UK, KTP-Q aims to stimulate local innovation and strengthen Qatar's business ecosystem by enabling a link between local businesses and the knowledge institutions (universities and research institutes) in the State of Qatar. Under KTP-Q, the University will provide access to expertise and QRDI Council will fund the program, facilitating the University's provision of these resources.

“I am delighted to celebrate the launch of the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Qatar (KTP-Q) program here in Doha. The KTP program in the UK has long been a beacon for fostering collaboration between business and academic expertise in the UK. And now, thanks to the partnership between the Qatar Research, Development and Innovation Council, and Innovate UK Business Connect, this highly successful model has for the first time made its way to the Gulf region. I thoroughly look forward to seeing this program flourish in the months and years to come, buoyed by Qatar’s exciting innovation ecosystem,” said H.E. Neerav Patel, His Majesty’s Ambassador to the State of Qatar.

Eng. Omar Ali Al-Ansari, Secretary General of the QRDI Council, expressed his enthusiasm at the program's launch, he said “The Knowledge Transfer Partnership Program bridges the gap between businesses and knowledge institutions to foster a collaborative environment for innovation and growth. This is another exciting QRDI program that will undoubtedly contribute to the growing richness of Qatar's research and innovation landscape.”

QRDI Council plays the role of a facilitator and enabler, connecting knowledge institutions with private businesses and providing a grant to co-fund the KTP-Q project with the companies.  Project durations can range from 12 to 36 months, depending on the complexity of the business challenge. 

The KTP-Q program is open for application all year round.  Applications are to be submitted by the knowledge institution in consultation with the partner company. Crafting a robust KTP-Q application is a collaborative effort, necessitating close coordination between the business and the knowledge institution. Interested entities can visit the QRDI Portal for more:


About QRDI Council 

QRDI Council is a leading government entity in advanced research, global collaboration in innovation, and attracting global talent to Qatar. The Council strives to make Qatar a top destination for global talent and a pioneering research, innovation, and development hub with its motto “locally empowered, globally connected”. Playing a pivotal role within the Qatar National Development Strategy, the QRDI Council is actively shaping the Innovation component of the Economic Diversification goal. The Council’s commitment underlines its unwavering dedication to the Qatar National Vision 2030. QRDI Council aims to make Qatar a global innovation hub and a top choice for R&D centers worldwide, seeing RDI as vital for Qatar's growth and prosperity.  

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