• The digital telco connected exceptional young nationals with meaningful internships and full-time positions

Dubai, UAE: du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), successfully participated at Ru’ya, Careers Redefined event at Dubai World Trade Center. At the event, over 2,000 UAE Nationals visited the du stand and applied, as  the telco connected with graduates as an employer of choice for emerging Emirati talent and recruited them for upcoming opportunities in the ICT sector. As a digital-first telco, it also spotlighted training and development opportunities to maximise national talent’s chances of entering their target market upon graduation.

The du stand at the event featured an intuitive and engaging setup for visitors with dedicated showcases illustrating the telco’s entrepreneur-led mindset and an innovative working environment. The space included an interactive tunnel which generated a molecule-style avatar for visitors, a buzz wire game to test players’ coordination and ability to perform under pressure, a memory game and a personality test. The stand also gave visitors an opportunity to submit their CV and take a  tour using virtual reality of du’s HQ in Dubai Hills, designed as a futuristic, engaging, digital-first workplace.

Fahad Al Hassawi, CEO, du said: “We are pleased by the turnout of UAE Nationals who visited the event this year at Careers Redefined Fair, which enabled us to connect emerging Emirati talent with internships, full-time roles, or opportunities to build relationships for future career growth in the ICT sector. As a digital-first telco, we are committed to engage Emirati talent and become the employer of choice for nationals. The event successfully offered a platform for du to unlock the potential of a talent pipeline that fosters the economic imperatives of the UAE’s knowledge-based economy.”

As a result of its outstanding Emiratisation strategies, du has doubled the number of UAE nationals employed since 2006. Emirati employees form 39.2% of the total workforce. In addition, 47% of UAE nationals hold leadership positions across all departments in the organisation.  

du is committed to developing Emirati talent through personalised coaching, tactical training, and candid advice on how national job seekers can start, build, or transition their careers within the company and wider telecommunications and ICT industry. In addition to nourishing young Emirati talent, du supports the spirit of entrepreneurship of national employees who are also SME owners.

Throughout the event, du underlined partnerships with global partners such as Nokia & Huawei by offering development programs for universities students, fresh graduates and du executives. du also continued to engage with academic institutions  to provide a wide range of opportunities for Emiratis that will help them gain insights into the industry, explore careers, and apply to internships and jobs.

For more information, please visit www.du.ae