The “MEFIT Fitness and Health Summit” was inaugurated at Grand Plaza Movenpick Hotel in Dubai Media City with the support of Dubai Sports Council (DSC) and with distinctive participation of world speakers & specialists from the various countries of the world.

The Summit inauguration was held in the presence of H.E. Saeed Hareb, the Secretary General of DSC, and H.E. Naser Aman Al-Rahma, the Assistant Secretary General of DSC.

60 sessions, lectures & workshops will be presented during the Summit, scheduled from 6th to 8th Oct. 2022 with participation of 1700 physical fitness trainers & specialists in the fitness, nutrition & sports equipment production. 

Mr. Gerg Boucher, CEO of MEFITPRO, and Ms. Rania Boucher, Manager of MEFITPRO, thanked DSC toward its support for the successful organizing of this event during the last years. They also thanked H.E. the Secretary General of DSC & H.E. the Assistant Secretary General of DSC for attending the sessions of this Summit, which is considered as an eminent sports, healthy & economic event serving several classes in society. The Summit plays key role to support those who work in fitness trainings, nutrition, healthcare & other respective fields. The current edition of the Summit is held with participation of more than 1700 trainers & specialists in physical fitness, nutrition, recovery & mental development from the various countries & continents of the world, among whom are 200 leaders in fitness, sports performance, nutrition & training fields. Top on the list of participants are Mr. Jose Teixeira, Vice President & Member of the Council of Directors of the International Federation for Fitness & Physical Health / Mr. Tom Otton, President & Founder of Create Group & Speaker in TED X / Mr. Peter Torner besides several other leaders who will present the synopsis of their experiences & expertise in the healthcare & fitness fields and will open new channels of investment in this field.

After the end of the inaugurating session of the Summit, the attendees enjoyed a valuable lecture, presented by the world lecturer Mr. Pete Cohen, who is specialized in human behavior & development and personality development. He has arrived particularly from UK to join this session and other sessions & workshops during the upcoming two days. The session was organized under title “How to make Your Future Model”. He presented personal thoughts & experiences to show ways of overcoming life challenges, which confront individuals and explained factors of creating successful model to enjoy bright future & attain excellence in the field of his work. He also talked on his personal experience with his wife in dealing with his severe illness case & referred to the ways they have followed to overcome this severe suffering and to enjoy prosperous life.  

The first day of the Summit witnessed several activities, fitness trainings & workshops on the proper ways of exercises to build body muscles besides the training style “T R X”, which is innovated to boost physical abilities of marines and special military tasks needing endurance & strong bodies. Trainers in the State & participants in the event will receive exercises to become competent enough to train desirous individuals on endurance sports & bodybuilding, so that they will be able deal with challenges without using equipment.   

The second & third days of the Summit will witness further lectures, workshops & practical trainings for specialists in fitness, nutrition & mental preparations. Trainers of school students will also attend the event. The National Academy for Sports Medicine, the most famous of its kind in the world, will present internationally recognized & accredited certificates. The MIFITPRO will launch the first sports method in Arabic language to award internationally recognized certificates and support professional Arab athletes. Special sessions will also be arranged for women.