UAE, Dubai – The Dubai International Program for Writing (DIPW), a leading initiative by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF), successfully concluded the first phase of its ‘Illustrations for Children’s Stories’ workshop, which aimed at providing young talents with the opportunity to develop their creative abilities.

The workshop was held in person at the Mohammed bin Rashid Library (MBRL). It will continue virtually in the second phase until the ten participants have completed their projects.

His Excellency Jamal bin Huwaireb, CEO of the MBRF, said: “The success of the workshop so far is a true reflection of the MBRF’s dedication to developing the creative abilities of young talents and motivating them to fully unleash the power of their imaginations. Furthermore, it also emphasizes the MBRF’s commitment to enhancing the participants’ skills to illustrate children’s stories by employing innovative and creative methods. The primary goal is to create artworks and publications that are children-friendly, encourage young people to develop a passion for books, and foster a reading culture among them.”

H.E. added: “The next phases of the workshop will place a major focus on offering participants additional training on developing more skills and techniques in order to further enable them to achieve the desired outcomes.”

The workshop comes as part of DIPW’s commitment to enhancing the realm of literature and fostering the potential of emerging artists and talents. Its primary goal is to provide them with the requisite skills and resources to pursue their literary and creative endeavors, realizing the vital role they play in advancing the creation, dissemination, and development of knowledge.

The workshop’s first phase, which commenced on 20 May 2024, and lasted over two months, was successfully concluded. Fatima Al-Amiri, writer and illustrator, led the workshop and delivered a broad range of hands-on training exercises focused on innovative techniques, creative tools, and novel visual effects in the creation of illustrations for children’s stories. Together with teaching the fundamentals of developing characters and illustrating story scenes, the activities also covered the principles of writing children’s novels.

During this phase, participants gained knowledge regarding the fundamental elements and aesthetic aspects of children’s stories, including understanding the selection of suitable colors, arranging elements on the page, and effectively utilizing blank spaces. Furthermore, they were also introduced to a diverse collection of Arabic and non-Arabic story models, acquiring familiarity with various global methods for designing and producing engaging children’s stories and books.

Participants also had the unique opportunity to receive practical training sessions focused on book cover designs. This training was targeted at educating them about the common mistakes so they could steer clear and have a thorough understanding of the artistic processes involved in book production. With these necessary skills and theoretical knowledge, the participants are well-prepared to produce illustrative scenarios for stories crafted by their fellow peers in other storytelling workshops conducted by DIPW. These illustrations will undergo further feedback and guidance from the workshop facilitators before being prepared for publication in the next phase.

Through its flagship innovative knowledge initiatives and projects, DIPW has secured numerous remarkable feats across Arab countries, including Kuwait, Tunisia, Morocco, and Egypt. Remarkably, the program has established itself as a leading intellectual platform that plays an instrumental role in promoting a significant Arab renaissance in children’s literature. Its main focus falls on fostering young and creative talents in children’s writing while offering support, encouragement, and enhancement of their abilities.


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