Cairo: As a recognition for their efforts in integrating youth and women into the workforce, Vodafone Egypt received the Gold Award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion at the 2023 SHRM Mena conference. The HR team was specifically acknowledged for continuous innovation, effective crisis management, and the application of excellence in management principles

Vodafone Egypt's achievement in providing equal opportunities and fostering diversity, especially for youth and women, was highlighted as the Company became the first in Egypt to receive this award, emphasizing its dedication to creating an inclusive work environment. Yasmine Dessouky, Talent Management, DE&I and Leadership Development Senior Manager at Vodafone Egypt, participated in a session titled "Women in Leadership Roles: Awareness Meets Ambition," shedding light on the Company's vision for women in leadership roles and the vital role diversity plays in an organization's success.

"We are always committed to establishing a cohesive work culture as it is important to support women in all sectors, develop gender equality principles, and build a respectful work environment for all employees," said Nagla Kinawi, Human Resources Director at Vodafone Egypt.  "That’s why I want to express my deepest gratitude to our teams for their continuous efforts in achieving this accomplishment."

Vodafone Egypt adopts an impactful strategy to create an environment based on the principles of justice and gender balance. The Company views female leadership as an essential part of its vision, promoting women's ascent to leadership positions, empowering women, and developing their skills to support their roles in economic and social progress. The percentage of women in leadership positions in Vodafone Egypt has reached 40%, with a target of reaching 50% by 2025. Vodafone Egypt is committed to providing employment opportunities specifically tailored to women, supporting those seeking suitable opportunities that align with their life and professional requirements. One of Vodafone's key programs, the "Returnship" program, aims to train women who have been out of the workforce for an extended period, ranging from 3 to 5 consecutive years, and to reintegrate them into the work environment. Additionally, Vodafone has launched the "Fekretek" Ideathon, designed to support women in achieving their dreams and ideas by overcoming the challenges they face in the initial steps of realizing their thoughts and goals.

Vodafone Egypt's strategy aims to empower and invest in the youth, intending to build a generation equipped with technological skills and competencies. This is achieved by providing them with knowledge and enhancing their digital capabilities through the offering of suitable opportunities, such as summer training programs and support for startups through the provision of technological solutions. Additionally, the Company seeks to support individuals with special needs through initiatives that promote their inclusion in the work environment, including the hackathon launched in 2023. Furthermore, the Company is committed to annually appointing a percentage of individuals with special needs, providing technological services that contribute to transforming their ideas into practical tools or products, with the aim of improving all aspects of their daily and professional lives.