Amman, Jordan: Umniah, the fastest growing network in Jordan, announced that the number of homes and commercial buildings covered by its fiber-optic service has risen to include 650,000 homes and businesses in Amman and Zarqa, after its successful expansion in Russaifa and Qweismeh areas.

Umniah’s technical teams linked 6,000 homes in the Russaifa/Al-Qadisiyah area (Al-Quds and Al-Khalayleh), 5,000 homes in Al-Russaifa/Jariba (Al-Khalidiya and Al-Tarbeeh), and 10,000 houses in the Al-Russaifa area (Al-Iskan, Al-Razi, Al-Dhahiriya, King Talal and Al-Safa and Al-Marwa), in addition to 26,000 homes in Qweismeh in the Al-Orouba, An-Naharieh and Umm Nuwara neighborhoods, to the company’s ever-expanding network.

Umniah plays a vital role in the development of the Jordanian telecommunications sector and offers subscribers the most advanced services and solutions at highly competitive prices. The company’s fiber-optic service enriches the digital experiences of its subscribers, meeting their unique needs and delivering high Internet speeds

Speaking about the expansion, Umniah CCO Zaid Al-Ibrahim said that the new areas covered by the fiber-optic service at competitive prices, is in line with Umniah’s ambitious strategy of advancing the telecommunications landscape by delivering the most innovative communication solutions to the Jordanian market, as well as exceptional high-quality and value-added services, further contributing to the digital transformation currently underway in the country.

Al-Ibrahim went on to add that Umniah's fiber-optic service allows corporate subscribers to operate effectively and efficiently thanks to the high Internet speeds, while individual customers now have access to high-definition video files and are able to download large files, movies and games within seconds and without interruption.

In March, Umniah expanded the coverage of its network to include the areas of Shafa Badran (Prince Hamzah, Tab Karaa, Al-Koum, Umm Hajir, Al-Qasabat, Dheiba), and Al-Akhdar and Al-Dhra’ (Hay Nazzal, Al-Akhdar, Al-Dhra`, Al-Hilal, Al-Hamraniyah, Al-Rawdah), in addition to, Al-Mansour, Khraibet Al-Souk and Al-Andalus areas.