The Labour Fund “Tamkeen” was awarded the Best Brand Renovation Award 2022 by International Business Magazine, highlighting Tamkeen’s efforts in becoming a catalyst for change and reflecting its vision to the public through a revamped brand aligned with its new strategy.

International Business Magazine is a Dubai-based publication which covers organizations and global leaders from the Middle East, Africa, Americas, Asia, and Europe, highlighting their achievements to a diverse audience.

The new brand identity reflects Tamkeen’s a full-fledged transformation strategy that was developed based on market needs, following which 16 programs were launched in line with the national priorities and the economic recovery plan to incentivize high potential sectors. This change was reflected in Tamkeen’s new brand identity, in which the “Growth Mark” element has been introduced, symbolizing the movement towards a dynamic future and a greater positive impact in the national economy.

On this occasion, Ms. Farah Rabea, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Labour Fund “Tamkeen” expressed her gratitude for receiving this recognition, commenting: “This accomplishment represents our commitment to driving and empowering growth in the market, reflected through our new brand identity. The growth mark element symbolizes our vision of achieving sustainable growth in the Kingdom through our strategic direction and transformation plan.” She added “This recognition is testament to the efforts of Tamkeen’s team in reflecting the organization’s vision through developing a structured marketing and communications strategy, increasing Tamkeen’s media and digital channel presence by offering tailored content that suits all customer segments in various platforms.”

This award is the second international award for Tamkeen that relates to its identity, following the announcement earlier in the summer of Tamkeen being awarded the Best Visual Identity in the Public Sector from Global Brand Awards. This highlights Tamkeen’s efforts in reflecting its new brand identity across all its public communication activities.