DUBAI: TachyHealth, a healthcare technology startup providing intelligent solutions for value-driven healthcare, is collaborating with Medical Refill, the Saudi based telemedicine technology company providing consultation to the insured chronic patients since 2019 serving 12-13k patients, in order to provide an intelligent guide for physicians at the point of care using artificial intelligence. The collaboration on the technology solutions underpins providing real time medical necessity validation as well as supporting the decisions related to the care plan and insurance coverage. In Saudi, the collaboration also brings the power of computer vision and big data analytics to the clinical team by transforming the complex medical laboratory results, which usually comes in image or PDF format, to a tabular text in order for the physicians to follow-up the treatment plan in a highly interactive way and improving the patients’ engagement in their treatment journey. They will also be using AiGuide to monitor patient files as well as recommend a treating plan. AiGuide is an AI powered solution, to guide doctors through the patient encounter and follow up journey to achieve optimized clinical decisions and financial outcomes. 

Dr. Osama AbouElkhir, CEO of Tachyhealth said “We are much excited about our collaboration of Speedy Recovery, a likeminded company that is clinically led by innovative patient driven mindset. We are committed to bring AI and data science to the wider spectrum of healthcare delivery and services and with Speedy Recovery, we believe the value of automation and intelligence is clear. We conducted together proof of value and the results were transformational making our collaboration an inevitable success”

Dr. Ali Magzoub, Operations and Planning Director at Medical Refill - Speedy Recovery Company said “While serving 12-13k patients each month, majority of whom are living with chronic conditions, our ultimate goal is to combine the best technology available with the outstanding service of our chronical patients. As we aim to bring advanced expertise to our clinical team, while they maintain the trust of our patients and providing a value-driven care. This will be easier to achieve through our collaboration with TachyHealth, for they are the perfect fit for our strategic objectives, and we look forward to creating great success together.”

About TachyHealth

TachyHealth is a Delaware based healthcare technology company with presence in four countries, US, UAE, KSA and Jordan. Founded in 2018, the company has developed solutions for re-inventing the interaction between healthcare providers and payers utilized by artificial intelligence (AI) and data science with the aim of removing waste, saving money, & improving the patient journey for a value-based healthcare. The interconnected intelligent solutions offered include AiGuide for medical doctors, AiCode for medical coders, AiClaim for claim management, and AiReview for claims review and auditing by the payers. The startup has seen a tremendous growth especially following COVID-19 pandemic where the transformation of healthcare became a priority for healthcare systems across the region through enhanced revenue cycle management, medical coding and claims management focusing on outcome and value rather than quantities and activities, as seen and experienced by an extensive client list, which includes Wipro, UEMedical, MedNet, and Nathealth.

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About Speedy Recovery (Medical Refill)

Speedy Recovery (Medical Refill) is a telemedicine Saudi technology company providing consultation to chronic medical teleconsultation, home-based laboratory visits, and refill of medications for the insured chronic patients since 2019. They are scaling their telemedicine services to acute out-patients by introducing the Kashfiya platform, which is a focused primary care app, that includes teleconsultation, and dispensing prescriptions services.

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