• Received more than 100,000 roamers on stc network

Manama, Bahrain: stc Bahrain is proud to announce that it achieved record-breaking network performance during the recent race weekend. With a surge in demand for both 4G and 5G services, stc Bahrain’s networks demonstrated remarkable efficiency and capacity, accommodating an increase of 45% users compared to the previous year.

The race weekend also witnessed a huge traffic increase, with stc Bahrain’s 5G network experiencing an unprecedented ratio of 165% increase, a testament to its strength and reliability in handling increased loads efficiently. Additionally, the telecom’s network throughput was enhanced by over 20%, ensuring seamless connectivity for its customers throughout the event.

stc Bahrain also welcomed more than 100,000 roamers onto its network during the race weekend, providing seamless connectivity to visitors from around the world, and offering them a high-quality experience during their time in Bahrain.43

“During the race weekend, we achieved exceptional network performance," said Eng. Nezar Banabeela, stc Bahrain CEO. "We’re thrilled with this accomplishment which underscores our commitment to providing reliable and high-performing telecommunications services, with unparalleled connectivity experiences for all our users."

As a world-class digital enabler, stc Bahrain remains committed to driving the growth of the Kingdom's telecommunications sector and positioning Bahrain among the developed countries of advanced ICT development. The company continues to achieve this by introducing next-generation technological advancements and enhancing its network infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of its customers, providing exceptional services even during peak usage times.


For more information, please visit www.stc.com.bh

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