Standard Chartered BANK hosted a public gathering at its Manama headquarters in celebration of Bahraini Women's Day. The event featured insights from Mrs. Dalal Al Ghais, currently serving as the CEO of the Bahrain Development Bank Group, and she held a distinguished position at Standard Chartered Bank for a remarkable 16-year period, and Mrs. Shaikha Tarif, who commenced her journey with Standard Chartered in 2013 and has progressed to the role of Chief Financial Officer for Standard Chartered Bank in Bahrain and the Middle East (excluding the UAE).

Mrs. Dalal Al Ghais initiated her career journey at Standard Chartered Bank in 2003, where she started as a trainee. Through her unwavering commitment, diligent efforts, and dedication, she honed her skills, earning promotions by consistently taking on additional significant responsibilities. Notably, she managed various activities of the bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 2019, Mrs. Al Ghais transitioned to a new professional chapter with Bahrain Islamic Bank, venturing into the realm of Islamic banking. Her journey progressed, culminating in her current role as the CEO of the Bahrain Development Bank Group, where she continues to embrace new responsibilities and confront fresh challenges.

Emphasizing the significance of self-trust among Bahraini women, Mrs. Al Ghais underscored the importance of recognizing one's capabilities and eligibility for assuming responsibilities and reaching the highest professional positions. She highlighted the crucial need for maintaining a balance between family and work commitments, ensuring that professional achievements do not come at the expense of family stability. Furthermore, she also offered valuable advice, advocating for practices such as avid reading, participation in training courses, and the strategic investment of time in activities that are both useful and beneficial.

Mrs. Sheikha Tarif shared the initial challenges she encountered at the onset of her banking career. These challenges encompassed field visits to clients, navigating interactions with individuals and institutions of diverse cultures, and achieving preset objectives. She acknowledged the pivotal role of parental support, particularly from her father, in providing the strength to endure hardships and overcome obstacles. This support became a cornerstone for her professional journey, which, she noted, unfolded with its own set of opportunities and distinct challenges.

Mrs. Tarif highlighted the noteworthy accomplishments of Bahraini women across various fields and levels, particularly within the financial and banking sector, where they have ascended to top leadership positions. She emphasized that Bahraini women not only comprehend and apply advancements in the banking industry but also take the lead in qualitative areas like financial technology. They actively engage in leveraging modern technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence in the realm of banking.

Furthermore, Mrs. Tarif expressed Standard Chartered Bank's pride in fostering a supportive environment for its female workforce and implementing progressive initiatives. These initiatives include extending maternity leave for female employees to a full four months, providing husbands of employees with leave to accompany their wives during the delivery period, and launching programs like "SC Women in Tech" to bolster support for women in the organization.

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