Dubai: Dubai's dining scene just welcomed a sensational new addition with the opening of "Soul Kitchen” in the heart of Business Bay. This new venue is an oasis of great dining and world-class cocktails that intertwines Levantine and Latin American flavors to nourish the soul.

Soul Kitchen is an ode to the Arab diaspora that spread through Latin America since the 19th century. People fled their troubled homeland bringing with them their culture and food recipes that turned every new harbor into a home. From Buenos Aires to Mexico City, Levantine cuisine quickly made its way across the continent, reinventing itself with local ingredients and getting influenced by every region. Migration inspired creativity.

The Soul Kitchen menu evokes the ingredients, flavors and cultural exchange that shaped this journey in every single bite. Star dishes include the local Sheri Fish Crudo, delicately infused with tabbouleh water and jicama crudité, the Grilled Calamari marinated with achiote, the Tamarind Glazed Lamb Chops and the Chicken Shawarma Empanadas. The vegan palate is not forgotten as the menu also offers the Lychee Ceviche and the Mushroom Kebab. Executive Chef Margarita Vaamonde explains: "These two cultures possess an untold story that intertwines history, pride and a deep passion for food."

Complementing the food are carefully selected wines and passionately crafted cocktails by bar guru Jaco Raath. He expertly blends traditional ingredients from the Levantine and Latin American regions, transforming them into exquisite modern classics. Relish in the Arak-Lychee Bellini, the Rum-Mango Ice Tea infused with cardamom and clarified mate, the Peachy Margarita with flavors of sumac and the Turkish Manhattan with notes of coffee.

"Soul Kitchen" is a project by Factory People, the most influential experiential group in the MENA region. Renowned for crafting incomparable experiences that withstand the test of time, Factory People have etched their mark on the nightlife scene with iconic mega clubs such as 'The Grand Factory' and 'AHM' in Beirut, alongside remarkable restaurants, bars and beach clubs. With an extensive portfolio of 20 brands and 17 venues, Factory People currently operates in three countries: Lebanon, Egypt and the UAE, while maintaining strategic global partnerships in the UK, France and Spain.

"Soul Kitchen" is the first of an upcoming multi-room experience that will immerse you in the heart of regional alternative culture, art and talent. Factory People is looking forward to introducing their concepts to the local UAE community nurturing the growth of this already vibrant and thriving scene.

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