• The new awards, encompassing the UAE and the Arab world, target best practices, training and education, and initiatives for senior citizens and persons with disabilities
  • Registration is open on www.igcc.ae until July 14

Sharjah: The International Government Communication Centre (IGCC), an initiative of the Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB), has called on governmental, semi-governmental and non-government organisations in the UAE and the Arab region to submit their nominations for the four new sub-categories introduced under the 'Best Government Communication Systems – Arab World' award in the upcoming 9th edition of the Sharjah Government Communication Award (SGCA).

The awards aim to honour and support public and private entities and their initiatives that are successfully strengthening effective communication with their target audiences.

Four new sub-categories  

Nominations to the four new sub-categories under the 'Best Government Communication Systems – Arab World' award can be made via direct submissions until July 14.

The first award under the sub-category, 'Practices,' will be awarded to an entity that has created a positive impact through the implementation of best practices and has adopted effective communication tools to improve the organisation's image on the national, regional and global levels.

The evaluation criteria for this award category are based on the methodology used, including formulating goals and a general vision within a strategic framework consistent with the organisation's goals. It also evaluates the use of technology and media to serve the initiative's goals and create a mechanism for implementing the idea that effectively addresses society's needs.

Training and education

The award under the second sub-category, 'Training and education activities or academic programmes in support of the aims of government communication', is dedicated to a body which has participated in training, education or academic activities to improve the competencies of its employees in government communication and to bolster effective communication with the public, media and digital platforms.

The evaluation criteria for the award are based on the annual training, education or academic plans that support the organisation’s needs in government communication, and which develops the skills of the employees. The jury will also assess how various tools have been utilised to increase awareness and competence of employees, particularly in digital skills, in addition to evaluating the extent of senior management support.

Senior citizens and persons with disabilities

The awards under the third and fourth sub-categories - 'A system for persons with disabilities ' and 'A system for the elderly' – will honour entities presenting original ideas, initiatives and services adhering to efficient government communication strategies that aim to assist senior citizens and persons with disabilities in communicating effectively and easily, whether as employees or as customers.

Jurors will select winners of the two sub-categories based on the organisation’s strategies and the use of innovative approaches in boosting constructive communication with senior citizens and persons with disabilities. Nominees will also be evaluated on the effective utilisation of modern technology to enhance positive change and favourably impact senior citizens and employees and customers with disabilities.

Guidelines for submissions

Applications for the 9th edition of SGCA must be submitted online through www.igcc.ae and should include a video - not exceeding 5 minutes - that introduces the initiative, and a word document with the name and logo of the entity, name and a brief of the initiative, date of submission, table of contents, and a foreword. The document should also include details of strategies, goals, and results, in line with the submission criteria for each award category and must not exceed 1,000 words.