• 46 Open Innovation Calls were launched in collaboration with 19 local partners across various sectors: agriculture, energy and environment, AI and technology, healthcare, and transportation.
  • 20 Projects have been awarded and are currently being implemented.

Doha, Qatar: The Qatar Research, Development, and Innovation (QRDI) Council’s Qatar Open Innovation (QOI) program, launched in 2022, has achieved significant milestones, fostering collaboration between large local enterprises and the global innovation community. With 46 Open Innovation Calls, launched in partnership with 19 Local Partners across key sectors, including AI and technology, agriculture, energy and environment, healthcare, and transportation, the program has garnered participation from Qatar and countries worldwide.

The program received 1154 submissions from innovators worldwide. Qatar became the second-largest source of applications, with 129 applications submitted by Qatari Companies, 11% of the total number of applications submitted.

Eng. Omar Al-Ansari, Secretary General of QRDI Council, said: “Qatar Open Innovation Program creates a vibrant marketplace for innovative technologies developed by the private sector, to be co-developed in collaboration with Qatar's Large Local Enterprises and Government Agencies. Qatar Open Innovation Program is dedicated to developing technology development teams locally in Qatar, creating opportunities for local talent in the private sector, and attracting the best international talent to contribute to Qatar’s innovation ecosystem.  The program also allows Qatar’s most important enterprises across various economic sectors to access new-to-market technologies, empowering them to overcome business challenges and achieve global leadership.”

To date, 20 innovation opportunities have been awarded to innovative private sector companies, turning into running technology co-development and piloting projects in various implementation stages.

A notable project that was recently completed is titled “Digital Port & Marine Services Platform supported by Blockchain Technology”.  This open innovation opportunity saw Milaha collaborating with US data management startup Vendia to optimize maritime functions.  Proof-of-concept was successfully demonstrated in 2 use cases, showing significant improvements in operational efficiency.  This led Milaha to embark on the development of a larger scale digital maritime eco-system for Qatar port.

Another project nearing completion is titled the “Smart Tools for Audio Analytics in IoT networks,” an open innovation opportunity where Ooredoo partnered with Groundup.ai, a startup company from Singapore specializing in IoT (internet-of-things) solutions.  The project led to the development of a highly accurate predictive model for asset failure, which offers potential new business opportunities for Ooredoo to explore in the facility management, manufacturing and oil and gas industries. 

These projects highlight the Qatar Open Innovation Program’s effectiveness in fostering collaborative innovation and demonstrate its role in driving technological advancements and environmental sustainability in key industries.

The Large Local enterprise partners were delighted with the diversity of participation as companies from across the globe and locally submitted their pioneering solutions to the Open Innovation Opportunities. They appreciated how the selection process showcased diverse technical skills and talent, affirming the program's role in advancing innovation within Qatar. Expressing satisfaction in their expected collaboration with the awarded companies, the partners are enthusiastic about unveiling new initiatives in partnership with the QRDI Council under the Qatar Open Innovation program.

This collaboration underscores a mutual commitment to fostering Qatar's innovation ecosystem. Supported by the QRDI Council, the program provides funding and access to cutting-edge facilities and services, enabling the thorough evaluation and refinement of innovative solutions alongside the awardees. This concerted effort contributes to the technological advancement in the region.

Qatar Open Innovation Program provides a collaborative platform for startups and innovative companies to engage in open innovation challenges available by potential government and corporate buyers and co-create market-ready solutions. It allows startups and innovative companies to connect with industry leaders, and pilot groundbreaking innovations that address the nation’s most pressing challenges in the five national priority areas of energy, health, resource sustainability, society, and digital technology, as outlined in the QRDI 2030 Strategy.

To learn more about the Qatar Open Innovation, visit the QRDI Portal. 

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