Kuwait: In line with the Computer Security Day, Ooredoo Kuwait, a world-class digital leader offering innovative services and platforms to facilitate the digital transformation in Kuwait, proudly assumed a significant role as a partner in the recently concluded 3rd Annual Computer Security Day at kuwait technical college (ktech). This distinguished one-day conference was dedicated to advancing discussions on cybersecurity.

The event, which is held every year on November 30 at the ktech Campus, proved to be an enlightening experience for all attendees, serving as a unifying platform for both public and private entities to explore the latest developments in cybersecurity. 

Ooredoo Kuwait's collaboration on this initiative reflects the company's commitment to empowering the youth and its dedication to technological investments. As a telecom trailblazer, Ooredoo actively fostered an environment of knowledge-sharing through engaging panel discussions, insightful workshops, and illuminating seminars.

Recognizing the paramount importance of cybersecurity in today's digital landscape, Ooredoo sought to significantly contribute to the collective understanding of cybersecurity challenges and advancements. The company's expert team members played a crucial role by actively participating in panel discussions, workshops, and seminars, offering valuable insights at the intersection of security and technology within the telecommunications sector.

With the successful completion of their participation, Ooredoo Kuwait looks back with satisfaction on joining forces with other industry leaders, government representatives, and experts at ktech’s Computer Security Day. Ooredoo Kuwait continues its mission toward building a more secure and resilient digital landscape.