Kuwait: Ooredoo Kuwait, the leading telecommunications company, has recently made a strategic investment in GitLab, an advanced Development, Security, and Operations platform aimed at revolutionizing the software development process.

This move showcases Ooredoo's dedication to modernizing its development practices and adopting a more agile approach to software delivery.

GitLab stands out as the foremost AI-powered DevSecOps Platform, offering a comprehensive solution that encompasses source code management, automated continuous integration, continuous delivery, and various features promoting collaboration among development, security, and operations teams.

This integrated environment ensures a seamless workflow from project planning to deployment, fostering open communication and faster feedback loops, minimizing potential gaps in the software development process, and breaking down barriers between teams.

Ooredoo Kuwait's adoption of GitLab brings forth numerous key benefits.

GitLab serves as the DevSecOps Platform that empowers organizations to maximize the overall return on software development by delivering software faster and more efficiently, while concurrently strengthening security and compliance.

With GitLab, the development team at Ooredoo can collaboratively plan, build, secure, and deploy software, driving business outcomes faster with complete transparency, consistency, and traceability across the DevSecOps lifecycle.

Moreover, GitLab contributes to enhanced efficiency through its Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) tools, automating various aspects of the software delivery process. This includes the build, test, and deploy phases, reducing manual tasks, accelerating release cycles, and aligning with Ooredoo's goal of achieving faster Time to Market with enhanced software quality.

In terms of security, GitLab's DevSecOps capabilities are pivotal, integrating security into the entire DevOps lifecycle. This proactive approach aids in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities early in the development process, thereby reducing risks and ensuring the delivery of secure software to customers. Ooredoo stands to benefit from improved management of day-one vulnerabilities and swift resolution of any future vulnerabilities through rolling updates.

Furthermore, GitLab empowers Ooredoo with agility, enabling the company to adapt swiftly to changing business requirements, quickly prototype new ideas, and deliver value to users more frequently. This agility is complemented by GitLab's integrated environment, iterative development practices, and transparent documentation of the overall history and evolution of software projects.

Ooredoo Kuwait's investment in GitLab represents a strategic step towards embracing modern development methodologies, emphasizing collaboration, efficiency, security, and agility in delivering cutting-edge software solutions.