Lately, OMODA & JAECOO have been winning the hearts of customers across the globe. In the list of their success stories, Mexico, Australia, South Africa and other EU countries are on the top. With this, OMODA & JAECOO are going to set their foot in the SAUDI market in the third quarter of 2023 and 30 other countries altogether. It is also important to notice, that the parent company of OMODA & JAECOO in China is already serving 11.2 million Consumers globally and became the biggest passenger car exporter in China. This also indicates that OMODA & JAECOO are well equipped before entering the KSA market with all their R&D and experience. In fact, during the Shanghai auto show, they launched their OMODA 5 EV model. Globally they hold a very prestigious reputation and widespread popularity with young, smart technology-driven and urban elite consumers who understand and value future technology and luxury. This has set their character to deliver a lifestyle to their users, rather than just a vehicle which gets from point A to point B.



When the vision is to offer a lifestyle to their consumers and not just to a piece of metal, that’s when a brand like OMODA & JAECOO are born. The question arises why OMODA? Well, OMODA is the sheer depiction of cutting-edge technology.  In fact, the slogan of OMODA is “CROSS FROM FUTURE” which is Based on the characteristics of target consumers who seek fashion and freedom and are no longer shackled by conventional norms. Also, OMODA as a brand is bold, so individuals who are fearless and passionate about socializing will certainly vibe with this brand. OMODA is devoted to providing users with personalized, dynamic, technological, and smart travel experiences through Crossover products.

Now let’s shed light on JAECOO. Although We're not in the business of summarizing cars in single words, however, JAECOO makes it tempting to try: It's Sophisticated. While their global launch at the Shanghai auto show turned some heads, the response from the media was evident when the curtains were raised. Needless to say,  JAECOO’s drop-dead styling alone inside and out was roaring luxury. JAECOO is positioned as an urban road-off SUV brand and is oriented to urban elites with exquisite taste and extraordinary style.


Just like the brand OMODA & JAECOO, the business strategy is bold. Almost all car manufacturers find themselves major distributors and conduct their business through them in KSA. However, OMODA & JAECOO have not adapted the conventional way, instead, they are setting up their own international office in the capital city of Riyadh. This means the level of services they would provide in all aspects would be far better than any other car manufacturer. Their customers would have access to get in touch with the principal company directly in KSA. While car services have become a major issue for other auto brands, nevertheless, for OMODA & JAECOO it will not be the case, as their maintenance centres and other services will be directly under the supervision of their subsidiary here in KSA. This would be a game changer in the automobile industry here in KSA. For sales, each region will have a few selected dealers which will be monitored by the subsidiary here in KSA. All showrooms and other facilities will be jointly developed with them.

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