Nucleus AI (, a trailblazer in advanced artificial intelligence solutions, has formed a groundbreaking partnership with the Dubai Blockchain Center ( to revolutionize how blockchain and cryptocurrency companies establish operations in Dubai. This synergistic collaboration harnesses Nucleus AI's cutting-edge Pre-AGI platform to streamline regulatory processes, enhance business enablement, and position Dubai as a global blockchain powerhouse.

"We are at the cusp of a transformative era where blockchain and artificial intelligence converge to create unprecedented opportunities," said Dr. Marwan Alzarouni, CEO of Dubai Blockchain Center. "This collaboration marks a significant milestone in harnessing the synergies of these revolutionary technologies to foster an ecosystem that empowers businesses and drives innovation within Area 2071, Dubai, the UAE and beyond."

At the core of this initiative lies Nucleus AI's advanced AI platform, which enables enterprises, SMEs, and government entities to transform their existing knowledge bases into intelligent systems capable of understanding and acting upon complex data relationships.

"Our platform allows enterprises to deploy sophisticated AI-driven processes that operate across multiple tiers, drastically improving efficiency and effectiveness," stated Raakin Iqbal, CEO and Co-founder of Nucleus AI. "We're fundamentally enhancing how organizations manage and utilize their knowledge assets."

"Our Pre-AGI technology doesn't just automate - it innovates, making each regulatory interaction smarter and more effective," Iqbal explained. "We're pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve in streamlining operational landscapes."

This groundbreaking partnership introduces an AI-driven proof-of-concept that guides blockchain and crypto companies through the entire regulatory journey - from initial inquiry to final licensing - with unprecedented efficiency. Key capabilities include:

- Intelligent Reasoning: Applying complex logic to understand nuanced regulations and processes.

- Dynamic Knowledge Bases: Continuously updated to ensure adherence to the latest policies.

- Autonomous Action Models: Leveraging datasets and reasoning to autonomously navigate processes while ensuring compliance.

- Multilingual Support: Facilitating global adoption with AI-powered support across 25+ languages.

At the core of this initiative is an AI-powered interface that combines conversational AI with action-driven modeling to shepherd companies through every step, from initial inquiry to final licensing. "Nucleus AI's platform ingests complex knowledge bases and autonomously executes actions based on logical inferencing - making it ideal for streamlining this intricate regulatory journey," stated Kiran Ali, Co-founder.

"Our partnership with the Dubai Blockchain Center showcases how advanced AI can revolutionize regulatory frameworks through reasoning and autonomous execution," Iqbal said. "We're developing systems that deeply understand operational nuances to radically simplify business establishment."

The Dubai Blockchain Center's visionary leadership echoes this innovative spirit: "In our pursuit to position Dubai as a beacon for the blockchain sector, we aim to create an environment conducive to growth," Dr. Alzarouni stated. "Our initiatives make it seamless for blockchain and crypto companies to operate here, fostering an ecosystem where innovation thrives."

The partnership commences with a pilot for the AI-powered company registration interface, with planned expansions into other operational areas. Businesses can learn more through upcoming webinars jointly hosted by Nucleus AI and Dubai Blockchain Center.

About Dubai Blockchain Center

Inaugurated in 2018 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the Dubai Blockchain Center is a pioneering initiative driving innovation and collaboration through blockchain technology.

The Center plays a pivotal role in fostering a vibrant blockchain ecosystem, bringing together thought leaders, developers, investors, and educators to explore the transformative potential of this revolutionary technology. With a focus on promoting education, training, and research initiatives, the Center aims to accelerate the adoption and impact of blockchain across various industries through strategic partnerships and collaborations.

About Nucleus AI

Nucleus AI is pioneering the next era of customer service experience (CSX) through its cutting-edge Pre-AGI platform. By enabling enterprises, SMEs, government entities, airlines, airports, insurance firms and organizations across industries to build advanced AI capabilities on their proprietary data, Nucleus AI empowers them to revolutionize customer interactions and services. The platform harnesses complex reasoning, autonomous execution, and action modeling to deliver seamless, world-class support powered by human-like intelligence.

With active pilots at Dubai Airport and the Dubai Land Department, Nucleus AI has demonstrated the transformative potential of its Pre-AGI technology. Affiliated with the Dubai Future Foundation, Dubai Center for Artificial Intelligence, and the Georgetown University Entrepreneurship Center/Venture Lab, the company is spearheading AI innovation.

With Headquarters in both the US and the UAE, Nucleus AI is ushering in a new age of customer experience and operational efficiency through the integration of its Pre-AGI platform into day-to-day business processes globally.


Raakin Iqbal, CEO
Nucleus AI (Formally SocialXai)

Maria Vovchok, PR/Media
Dubai Blockchain Center
Email: media@block
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