• Dr. Ahmed Sharaf: Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) account for 46% of total deaths in Egypt
  • Dr. Sherif Amin: We aim to understand the needs of patients and to come up with solutions that meet those needs through partnerships and commitment to providing innovative medicines and providing the latest global treatment solutions to the Egyptian patient.
  • Dr. Ahmed Ezz El-Din: We are working to achieve the common goal of accelerating the ASCVD patient’s access to innovative treatment for the disease as part of the group’s efforts to provide the latest international treatemens.
  • Dr. Ahmed Ezz El-Din: Cleopatra Hospitals Group is constantly seeking the latest medical treatements and medical equiprments that help get the group’s patients the latest international medical practices

Cairo: Novartis Pharma S.A.E (Novartis Pharma Egypt), the global leader in the healthcare industry, signed a memorandum of collaboration (MoC) with Cleopatra Hospitals Group (CHG), Egypt’s best provider of medical and healthcare services. This agreement aims to support scientific programs, continuous medical education, in addition to raising patients’ awareness, and supporting digital means to find preventive solutions for early detection CVD and providing ideal care for these patients, by providing the latest treatments and the best possible services throughout their treatment.

The MoC is a continuation of the ongoing collaboration between Novartis Pharma Egypt, which is one of the leading medicines companies supporting the Egyptian patient, in addition to Cleopatra Group, which has a great history of providing healthcare services in Egypt.

The cooperation protocol was signed by Dr. Sherif Amin, Country President and Managing Director of Novartis Pharma Egypt, and Dr. Ahmed Ezz El-Din, CEO and Managing Director of Cleopatra Hospitals Group, in the presence of Dr. Ali Omar, Head of PAteint Access, Innovative Medicines Division at Novartis Pharma Egypt, and Dr. Ahmed Abdel Rahman Sharaf, Consultant Cardiologist and Head of Cardiology Department for Cleopatra Hospitals Group, in addition to a strong media presence.

During the press conference, Dr. Sherif Amin, Country President and Managing Director of Novartis Pharma Egypt, emphasized on the company's clear and steadfast commitment to supporting patients and its relentless work to provide cutting-edge medications. He also pointed out that throughout this year, Novartis announced six new medications, as part of its strategy to promote patient health in Egypt. The business is striving to boost Egypt's pharmaceutical industry, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He stated: "Partnering with all health sectors in Egypt is one of our most important priorities, as we seek to provide innovative medicines on a large scale throughout Egypt, through patient support programs and partnerships with various entities to develop the health sector in Egypt." He also emphasized that through such partnerships, programs can be built around shared goals and contributions that create value for the healthcare providers, and adds to the communities the company serves. He made it clear that Novartis spares no time or effort to participate in any medical or scientific endeavors that aim to develop and enhance the medical environment in Egypt, such as its involvement in a number of campaigns like the "Reach to 55" awareness campaign for ACVD and the “100 Million Health” initiative.

On another note, Dr. Ahmed Ezz El-Din, CEO and Managing Director of Cleopatra Hospitals Group, expressed his happiness for the continuation of the cooperation between Cleopatra Group, a leading provider of health care services in Egypt, and a large entity such as Novartis, which is one of the largest companies operating in the Egyptian pharmaceutical market.

Ezz El-Din stated: "The collaboration between Cleopatra Group and Novartis aims to achieve the common goal of accelerating access to innovative treatements to the ASCVD patient, with the aim of radically improving outcomes through secondary prevention for patients who have already received treatment for heart attacks and creating long-term solutions that provide early diagnosis for patients with ASCVD. The cardiovascular system enables qualified patients to have early access to the cutting-edge treatment that Novartis offers.”

Ezzedine said: “As the largest provider of healthcare and medical service in Egypt, Cleopatra Group is seeking the latest medical treatements and medical equiprments that help cleopatra group patients get the latest international medical practices in accordance with the international standards of quality, which is in line with cleopatra Group's motto of "Excellence in Healthcare".

Dr. Ali Omar, Head of Patient Access, Innovative Medicine Division at Novartis Pharma Egypt, said: “The cooperation protocol with Cleopatra Medical Group comes as a continuation of the long-running success journey between Novartis and Cleopatra Group. Under this partnership, ion, 500 medical staff will be trained to treat ASCVD in particular, and mobile clinics will be set up to measure cholesterol levels. We also aim through the new cooperation to work quickly to reach an innovative treatment for patients with atherosclerosis in Egypt and provide long-term solutions to achieve early diagnosis of patients with atherosclerosis of the heart and blood vessels.”

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Rahman Sharaf, Consultant, and Professor of Cardiology at Ain Shams University and Head of the Cardiology Department of Cleopatra Hospitals Group, pointed out that  CVD is the leading cause of death worldwide, killing 15 million people annually, or 85% of all deaths involving the heart and blood vessels. Additionally, it accounts for 46% of all deaths in Egypt, exceeding the global average of 30 percent. This places an increased financial burden on both the patient and the government. By creating new medications and offering patients similar treatment options, this reduces its adverse effects.