• Under the partnership, Student World will provide MyUniPath with capital, team, resources, and its wide network

Dubai: MyUniPath, a leading platform for students in the MENA region to apply to universities worldwide using a single application form, has announced its partnership with Student World, a well-established student recruitment services company with offices across Asia, Africa, and Australia, serving a population of over 5 billion.

Through the partnership, students consulting Student World for their university application process can now utilize MyUniPath’s platform to apply for universities worldwide, significantly reducing the time and effort taken to complete the application process. Under the partnership, Student World will not only provide vital capital, but also their invaluable expertise, extensive resources, and vast network of connections gained over their impressive 24-year history in the international student recruitment space.

MyUniPath, an MBRIF Innovation Accelerator alumnus, is transforming the university application process by providing high school student an easier application process and career counsellors with a dashboard to manage and track their students' applications, enabling them to identify the best program at the best universities and achieve their dream careers.

Commenting on the partnership, Fatima Al Naqbi, Chief Innovation Officer at the Ministry of Finance and MBRIF representative, said: “As we look towards an ever-evolving future, it is imperative that we provide our youth with the necessary tools to find their footing and chase their aspirations with confidence. MyUniPath's revolutionary platform empowers high school students with a simple and easy university application process. The partnership with Student World will enable MyUniPath to offer its unique platform to students globally. Innovating to support communities around the world is precisely what MBRIF is committed to fostering.”

MyUniPath, with over 30 university partners in the UAE, will leverage Student World's global presence to promote UAE universities to students around the globe and support students in the UAE find and apply to the best universities worldwide.

"We are excited to join forces with Student World and bring together our collective strengths to help more students find the best programs and universities for their careers. We understand the importance of education as a driver of progress, and we are committed to making university applications accessible and efficient for students around the world. Together, we can empower more students to pursue their passions and shape the future of education” said Khaled Arwani, Founder of MyUniPath.

Together, MyUniPath and Student World have over 500 university partners from all the top study destinations worldwide, including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Malaysia, and many others. They aim to achieve more than 1,000 university partnerships in the next two years and provide admissions to over 250,000 students over the next five years through this collaboration.

Akram Mardini, General Manager at Student World said: "We are excited to invest in MyUniPath, an innovative and dynamic company that shares our vision of providing students with the best opportunities to succeed in their academic and professional careers. By leveraging the cutting-edge technology and expertise of MyUniPath, we can help students navigate the complexities of the application process and connect them with top universities and programs around the globe. Together, we can pave the way for a brighter future for students everywhere."

In addition to its application service, MyUniPath will soon be launching myuni.ai, a powerful search tool that harnesses the potential of openAI (ChatGPT) to provide students and high school counsellors with a seamless and efficient way of finding programs and universities that match their unique set of requirements, career ambitions, program of study, budget, and preferred study destination all in one place.

In addition to its many game-changing innovation, MyUniPath will also offer students a comprehensive suite of services including a 10-minute skill assessment test, online career and academic counselling, and financial aid to make the pursuit of higher education more accessible to students around the world.

For more information, visit www.myunipath.com and XX.


About MyUniPath:

MyUniPath a UAE based tech startup launched in 2021 is the leading college application platform for students in the MENA region, streamlining the rigorous processes into a simple all-in-one gateway. From career counseling, skills assessment and other ancillary studnet services, MyUniPath continues to expand its partnerships with universities in over 30 countries and more than 350 university partners — empowering students with the right tools and inviting them to explore their interests, the available paths, and the right universities creating a 360° platform for everything a student may need to embark on the journey of higher education. 

Visit myunipath.com to learn more 

About Student World:

Student World is a trusted global student migration agency providing professional and impartial consulting services to students aspiring to study overseas. Their ITAC and QEAC approved counsellors, in combination with in-house Mara licensed agents, offer students personalized guidance and support to navigate the complex process of studying abroad. With over 22 years of experience, Student World has expanded into a leading global education company, with presence in 17 offices across 9 countries. They provide students with access to a wide range of quality education and course options worldwide. For further information on their services, visit https://studentworld.au/ or contact their team at https://www.studentworld.au/inquiry-form/ Follow them at @studentworld on different social media channels.