Dubai, UAE: The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) today announced the signing of an agreement with Dubai Health to cooperate in the provision of an optimum environment to ensure the health and safety of astronauts, in addition to enhancing innovation in health sciences. The agreement was signed by H.E. Salem Humaid AlMarri, Director General, MBRSC, and H.E. Dr. Amer Sharif, CEO, Dubai Health, at the Centre’s headquarters recently.

H.E. Salem Humaid AlMarri, Director General, MBRSC, said, “The health and safety of our astronauts are paramount, and this agreement will ensure that they receive the best possible care before, during, and after their missions. In the rapidly evolving space sector, collaboration is the way forward. By integrating our efforts with Dubai Health, we are not only enhancing the well-being of our astronauts but also pushing the boundaries of space healthcare and driving innovation in health sciences. This partnership not only strengthens our capabilities but also underscores the UAE’s commitment to pioneering advancements in space and health technologies.”

H.E. Dr. Amer Sharif, CEO, Dubai Health, said, “Emirati astronauts are a source of national pride and a significant asset for the UAE in advancing knowledge, scientific capabilities, as well as raising our great country's profile on a global stage. At Dubai Health, we are proud to play a direct role in ensuring the health and safety of our astronauts by offering an environment for quality healthcare, providing comprehensive health assessments and supporting the monitoring of health during space missions.”

He further commented, “This agreement aligns with our strategic objectives, encompassing key pillars of care, learning and discovery to elevate the standard of care and to advance health for humanity, whilst helping to strengthen our nation’s healthcare and space capabilities.”

The agreement outlines a range of initiatives by MBRSC to ensure the health and well-being of astronauts. In cooperation with Dubai Health, the Centre will conduct comprehensive health assessments for astronauts prior to mission deployment, including medical examinations, screenings, and evaluations to ensure fitness for space travel.

Furthermore, MBRSC will provide astronaut training programmes in collaboration with Dubai Health, ensuring that astronauts are adequately prepared for health-related protocols and emergencies, in addition to integration and exchange of health data with healthcare providers for comprehensive astronaut care. Both entities will also work together to enhance medical technologies and methodologies related to space healthcare, fostering continuous improvement.


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Established in 2006, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) started out with five engineers, who took it upon themselves to develop their capabilities and expand their knowledge in the field of space, relying on strong will and solid determination. Since then, the Centre has continued its journey to be the incubator of the UAE National Space Programme. The MBRSC is home to the UAE Satellite Programme, UAE Astronaut Programme, Mars 2117 Programme and Emirates Mars Mission, among others. Under its satellite programme, the Centre has built, developed, and operated several Earth observation satellites, including DubaiSat-1, DubaiSat-2 and KhalifaSat, the first satellite that was fully built by Emiratis in 2018. The Centre has also developed MBZ-SAT, the most advanced satellite in the region, which has been approved for launch no earlier than October 2024.

MBRSC is also developing the Emirates Airlock, a crew and science airlock module for the Gateway lunar space station, humanity's first international outpost to orbit the Moon. Additionally, the UAE will also be sending an Emirati astronaut on a Moon mission. Under the UAE Astronaut Programme, MBRSC currently has four astronauts, two of who have undertaken missions to the International Space Station, including the longest Arab space mission in history by H.E. Dr. Sultan Saif AlNeyadi. The Mars 2117 Programme includes the Emirates Lunar Mission, UAE Analog Programme and Space Ventures.

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