Home to a mix of retail, dining, and entertainment destinations, the Mall of Dilmunia has been known to bring culture and events together to cater to its wide range of customers –from residents and locals to visitors.

The mall located in Dilmunia Island is home to various big projects, such as the Bahrain Aquarium which houses over 2,700 marine species and creatures. It is considered the first cylindrical aquarium of its magnitude with its four floors of mall space.

The Funscape World is also located inside, which has an ice-skating rink, football pitches, indoor wall climbing, ropes course, WeBounce - trampoline and a play Virtual Reality area.   There is also the largest man-made water canal famously known as Dilmunia Canal which features the waterfront retail district and the star attraction Dilmunia Fountains show.

This year was no exception for the Mall of Dilmunia as it introduced the “Pop Up By Miraia” project.

It organized the pre-Ramadan pop-up from March 28, 2022 to April 1, 2022, in a unique step to share the spirit of the Holy Month of Ramadan with the Kingdom’s citizens, residents, and visitors.

Held at the Boulevard area of the mall, it welcomed visitors daily from 5pm to 10pm.

The “Miraia” included more than 24 vendors which offered a wide variety of assorted Ramadan products for the whole family, including traditional clothes, handmade crafts and antiques, accessories, homeware, local sweets, and other kinds of products.

It also hosted several entertainment shows and activities, including live Ramadan-themed music shows, food stands and cafés, and food trucks.

The company said it made it the number one go-to destination ahead of the advent of the Holy Month this year.

For this project, the company was given the Marketing Initiative of the Year - Bahrain award at the 17th Retail Asia Awards. It is a prestigious annual event that gathers the region's best retailers and recognises the most outstanding retail initiatives.

In giving this award, the judging panel considered three achievements attained by the company.

First is that it resulted in increased foot traffic in the mall. Second is that through the project, the company was able to show its support to local and regional designers. Third, the pop-up was considered the number one go-to destination ahead of the advent during the Holy Month.

According to the company, it received positive feedback from customers, such as being impressed with the Boulevard area, that it increased loyalty among its customers leading the latter to visit again, and that it maximized the visitors coming from Bahrain and its neighboring countries.

The company shared that this is a follow-up of changes that resulted during the pandemic.

Mall of Dilmunia is a modernised shopping mall consisting of four stories, quality entertainment, leisure and retail services. The Mall features a 17-metre-tall cylindrical aquarium, the first of its kind in Bahrain. The Mall is proud to house the largest indoor Boulevard in Bahrain that can be utilized as an event venue with the most extensive LED screen ceilings.


For more information, contact Mall of Dilmunia on (+97313300266) or visit www.mallofdilmunia.com. Stay tuned to the latest updates and events in Mall of Dilmunia by following @mallofdilmunia on Facebook and Instagram.