La Sirena for Touristic and Real Estate Investment Company revealed that it will deliver third phase units -- 300 units -- in La Sirena North Coast in July.

Mahmoud Omar, a member of the board at the company, said the delivery, set for the beginning of the summer season, is based on the Group's effort to make available all the means of comfort and luxury to its clients by offering services and entertainment facilities for all family members.

The company targets delivering units in the fourth and final phase of the project by next year, he stated.

Omar added that La Sirena North Coast is being constructed on 55 feddans at the 164 km Alexandria-Matrouh road, opposite the Foka road. Buildings comprise 20 percent of the total size of the project, while the remaining 80 percent are dedicated to landscapes and services. The size of units in this project, numbering about 1,000, starts at 60 square meters.

All the units in the resort are sea-view, being designed on two terraces. The first terrace is three meters above sea level; the second nine meters above sea level. The beach is 460 meters long and the resort has 10 swimming pools, a huge aquapark, and a covered swimming pool for ladies to ensure their privacy.

Omar noted that the company is currently studying the idea of expanding in the North Coast through negotiating on a plot of land, approximately 50 feddans in size, due to the clients' confidence in the company's projects.