Dubai, U.A.E - Kanoo Travel, the first IATA member agency in the GCC and prominent force within the Middle East’s travel Industry, has announced the launch of its new vertical, ‘Kanoo Travel MORE’ for offshore, marine, resource, and energy travel solutions, as well as the emergence of a strategic partnership with Norway-owned and operated travel solution company, G Travel International, to deliver global travel management services.

Kanoo Travel MORE is an extension of Kanoo Travel’s service offerings, introducing clients with superior travel experiences and a wider range of solutions. By joining forces with G Travel International, an established market leader, Kanoo Travel strives to provide unrivaled travel management solutions to its clients.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Ali Abdulla Kanoo, Chairman - SBU Trading Divisions, “We are thrilled to join forces with G International Travel to introduce Kanoo Travel MORE. This collaboration not only boosts our market position, but also highlights our shared goal of providing our valued clients with excellent travel experiences and services. We are positioned to expand our capacity to fulfill the increasing demands of our clients and surpass their expectations by employing G Travel International's worldwide network, technical skills, and vast experience in the Marine & Energy sector. We are invested in strengthening industry standards and transforming the travel management ecosystem.”

Zaeem Gama, Kanoo Travel Divisional CEO, commented, “Kanoo Travel MORE is a significant milestone in our pursuit of innovation and consumer experience. Our strategic partnership with G Travel International adds a distinct and compelling dynamic.”

“We unlock an exceptional potential to serve our customers with unique opportunities for travel suited to their specific needs by employing their strong network and experience in the Marine & Energy market. We are forging an innovative path in the sector by leveraging our skills to push the boundaries of travel management and provide remarkable experiences that exceed expectations. This partnership highlights our dedication to staying ahead of changing industry trends and cements our position as a leader in the field of travel management,” He added.

On his part, Finn Hansen, Owner of G Travel International, said, “We are looking forward to supporting Kanoo Travel on this journey. This engagement brings together our global footprint and unique knowledge in the Marine & Energy sector, as well as Kanoo Travel's leading position and customer-centric approach in the local market. As we join forces, we create a powerful presence in regions we operate in, strategically positioned to provide customers globally with outstanding value. Furthermore, our combined effort to innovation empowers us to define new standards”

Mr Sverre Husby, Director at G Travel International, said, “The launch of Kanoo Travel MORE is a product of years of work. This collaboration is an exciting turning point in our path, as we join forces to become even stronger in a critical part of the market. We are excited to announce the launch of Kanoo Travel More - G Travel International to the public. Together, we will bring unrivaled knowledge and resources, establishing new standards and travel solutions. Our common vision and diligence towards excellence will enable us to provide value to our clients on a global scale, while also changing and disrupting the industry.”

G Travel International has wholly owned subsidiaries in several regions, including the United States, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and Poland. Additionally, the firm has a partner network in the marine industry, reflecting its dedication to supporting a diversified consumer base.

About Kanoo Travel

Founded in the late 1930s, Kanoo Travel is considered one of the largest travel management companies in the MENA region, with over 500 experienced, multilingual travel consultants and professionals, and has an extensive network of offices spanning the Middle East and North Africa, specializing in Corporate Travel, Meetings Incentives Conferences and Events (MICE), Leisure & Holiday Travel, Airline Representation and Marine Travel.

Kanoo Travel, owned by one of the Gulf's largest independent, family-owned companies, YBA Kanoo, provides dependable, compliance-driven, and cost-effective services that meet and exceed customers' expectations, and has been consistently recognized for its premium solutions and service excellence, winning numerous regional industry awards and recognitions over the years.

Today, the travel management company operates a network of over 100 offices in key markets including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Sultanate of Oman, and Egypt, making Kanoo Travel a truly international travel partner with keen insight into global markets and the ability to provide customers with unparalleled levels of service. 


About G Travel International

G Travel International is an independent Norwegian Travel Solutions company with a strong global presence. With offices in Norway, and other key locations worldwide, G Travel International specializes in marine, offshore, resource, and energy travel solutions. Their expertise, advanced technology, and cloud-based operations enable seamless global connectivity and service capabilities. Their seasoned management team brings extensive industry knowledge and ensures exceptional solutions standards.

Serving a diverse range of clients, from shipyards to live fish carriers, fish-farming service companies, ocean-going fisheries, seismic and wind energy industries, offshore fleets, dredging and salvage operations, bulk and tanker shipping, containerships, oil rigs, crewing agencies, and the supply chain/contractors for the offshore industry.

G Travel International is committed to meeting the critical crew movement needs, providing services to numerous national, multinational, and global clients, and today our client base touches all continents of the world. G Travel international are a trusted partner of the Internova Group/Travel Leaders