In the context of its constant endeavor to further expand its services to governmental intities and private sector partners, and to implement more training and capacity building programs, iCareer, the leading provider of training and employment services, announced the availability of its leading platform to university students to enhance their ability to join the labor market and provide them with the skills required the continuous changes in the labor market, through the partnership signed between the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the International Labor Organization.

Akram Marwan, Co-Founder and Managing Director of iCareer, expressed his happiness to participate in this distinguished program through the company's platform, as iCareer started  its platform (Career Service Management (CSM) 5 years ago, which provides students and trainees with skills related to the labor market and how to communicate with companies, in addition to creating a network of acquaintances, which facilitates access to different job areas in major local companies.

The co-founder  of iCareer indicated that his company started participating in the project several months ago and succeeded during that period in reaching more than 20,000 students in the 7 largest public universities, and the company aims to reach the largest possible number of university students nationwide.

 iCareer is  a pioneer startup in providing training and employment services, as a training and employment consulting company that works to bridge the gap between academic studies and labor market requirements.through the  last 10 years, the company provided services to more than 137 clients and participated in 27 projects that benefited thousands of young people nationwide.