Dubai, UAE: Get Outfit, the next-generation fashion discovery app, powered by a generative AI stylist and enriched with curated creators' content, is thrilled to announce the launch of the "Get Outfit for Creators" program. This initiative not only redefines the shopping experience for users with an AI stylist but also opens up new ways for monetization for influencers.

Creators boasting an audience of over 1000 followers can seamlessly join the platform and start earning commissions from a diverse array of over 2000 contemporary brands and authentic designers, ranging from Nike to Jacquemus. Get Outfit enables creators to launch their personalized pages, curate collections of their favorite fashion items and share the link on social media, whether it's a selection of sneakers, bags, a capsule wardrobe for a European trip, or sharing style inspirations for special events.

"In our customer development discussions with creators, we uncovered a pressing issue: over 90% of them struggle to monetize their content. You share a stylish Instagram post, engage with followers about your fashion choices, but it doesn't translate into earnings. We decided to change that and give creators the opportunity to monetize their passion for fashion. Fashion is the favorite category for the emerging Gen Z, and we genuinely believe this initiative will foster a new cohort of young entrepreneurs, offering them an additional avenue to monetize their passion." said Kim Sanzhiev, founder of Get Outfit

Get Outfit for Creators has already been launched, with over 50 influencers actively using the platform, including both major influencers with over 1 million followers and niche fashion micro-influencers or stylists with community pages of 2000 followers. In addition to the commission model, the team is currently testing a subscription model with creators, allowing them to create exclusive content for their audience and utilize Generative AI tools for content creation. The startup plans to introduce a dedicated section in the app featuring User-Generated Content (UGC) from the fashion community, as part of its Social Commerce mechanics development within the mobile application.

Moreover, Get Outfit is committed to investing over $5 million in the next 3 years for payments to creators. This significant financial commitment underscores the platform's dedication to recognizing and rewarding the creativity and influence of content creators.

This aligns with the initiative by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the UAE’s vice president, prime minister, and ruler of Dubai, who has unveiled a fund of Dh150 million ($40.8 million) dedicated to supporting content creators and influencers.


To express interest and apply, visit Get Outfit Creators.

Get ready to reshape your fashion narrative with Get Outfit for Creators!

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