Muharraq, Bahrain: Bahrain Airport Company (BAC), the operator and managing body of Bahrain International Airport (BIA), has announced the launch of operations of Fly Jinnah, Pakistan’s low-cost carrier, from Bahrain International Airport (BIA) starting June 13, 2024, with two weekly flights to Islamabad International Airport (ISB).

In celebration of the launch, a welcome ceremony was held at Bahrain International Airport for passengers on the inaugural flight to Islamabad. The event was attended by representatives from Bahrain Airport Company, and officials from Fly Jinnah. This move is set to boost connectivity between Bahrain and Pakistan, providing passengers with more travel options, and increasing the number of flights from Bahrain international Airport to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to 37 weekly flights.

Fly Jinnah operates a modern fleet of five Airbus A320 aircraft.  The aircraft economy cabins are designed to offer more legroom and comfort to passengers compared to standard economy cabins. Passengers can enjoy a range of delicacies including snacks, sandwiches, and meals from "SkyCafe" onboard menu, all available at affordable prices.  Additionally, Fly Jinnah aircraft is equipped with “SkyTime”, a complimentary in-flight service that allows passengers to stream a wide selection of entertainment directly on their devices. 

Customers can now book their flights by visiting Fly Jinnah's website or through their travel agents.

About Bahrain Airport Company (BAC)

Bahrain Airport Company (BAC) is the operator and managing body of Bahrain International Airport (BIA), the gateway that connects the Kingdom with the world. Tasked with developing the airport’s infrastructure, facilities, and commercial offerings, BAC has transformed BIA into the most modern boutique airport in the Gulf. With a strong focus on innovation, efficiency, and culture, BAC’s goal is to ensure that BIA stands out as a best-in-class airport that reflects the Kingdom’s distinct character and strengthens its position as a financial, cultural, and aviation center in the region. Since assuming the responsibility of managing and operating the airport in 2010, BAC has cemented BIA’s reputation as an attractive hub for airlines and passengers. For more information, visit