Reckoning the need for guidance in financial planning amidst rapidly evolving and complex markets, Evest; the region’s leading and trusted platform for finance management and trading, turned educators at the Twsiat Academy in Bahrain.

With discussion topics ranging from techniques to mitigate risks, prudent account management, and selection of appropriate trading partners to the evaluation of response to market dynamics; the session delved into crucial details of commencing the trading journey, were also exposed to varied approaches that are integral to trading like technical and fundamental analyses along with leveraging artificial intelligence and algorithms. In a bid to spread awareness and knowledge about navigating the complexities of financial markets; Evest’s collaborative event underscored the pivotal role educational institutions can play in helping beginers in this field make an early start to their financial journey.

Aiming at minimizing risk exposure, Wael Rashid, Director of Management Development at Evest, provided valuable insights on the fundamentals of trading, effective risk management strategies, and the utilization of artificial intelligence tools for informed decision-making. Furthermore, Ali Abdullah Bastaki, a seasoned banking consultant and expert with over 40 years of experience, shared his wealth of knowledge in banking and investment. He offered practical advice on constructing a well-balanced investment portfolio, emphasizing diversification across various assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and commodities. The event focused on providing a holistic approach, introducing attendees to probable impacts of market fluctuations, and safeguarding investors from undue risks.

The collaboration reiterates Evest’s commitment to excellence and knowledge sharing in niche domains like investment and trading, fostering financial literacy and honing the skills of investors and traders alike. The organization plans to regularly schedule such events in the future to keep participants in sync with the latest tools, techniques, and offerings in the trading industry.