Abu Dhabi – Core42, a G42 company and a full-spectrum AI enablement solutions provider, has signed a strategic partnership with AIREV, the innovative UAE start-up behind School Hack, an AI-powered EdTech platform that helps students develop the skills for the jobs of tomorrow.

Launched in February 2023 by CEO, Muhammed Khalid, Dr. Youssef Youssef and Kayaan Unwalla, School Hack has amassed over two million users in more than 100 countries, with 145,000 student users in the UAE alone. Since its launch, School Hack has answered 63 million queries using over 35 billion AI generated words.

Core42’s product offerings, including its Condor Galaxy AI supercomputer, cloud platform, and Jais, the world’s largest Arabic language open-source LLM, have already proven their versatility and unique advantages in supporting the development of new AI tools and applications. This partnership will help enhance AIREV’s platforms’ Arabic language capabilities as well as scale up its operations, facilitating the expansion of its user base and expediting the delivery of new features.

HE Dr Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of State for Foreign Trade, commented: “The partnership between Core42, one of our national champions in advanced technologies and AI, and AIREV, the creator of School Hack AI and one of our most promising homegrown start-ups, is an example of the strength and depth of the UAE’s tech ecosystem. School Hack, founded less than a year ago, was one of the fastest growing AI start-ups globally in 2023 and with Core42’s strategic guidance and support, will continue to pioneer bleeding-edge AI technologies in a number of sectors. AIREV’s story is a clear example of how founders in the UAE developing next generation technologies such as AI, robotics and quantum computing can access the support they need to fund, scale and deliver game-changing tech innovation.”

School Hack, AIREV's flagship initiative, is changing the educational landscape through its AI-powered platform. Designed to foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills, School Hack utilizes the latest AI technologies to create an interactive learning environment. AIREV has worked closely with government entities and educational institutions to ensure compliance with regulations, providing students the opportunity to interact with AI tools in a safe environment. This effort also enables the oversight agencies to govern AI usage through AIREV’s SHP platform and safeguard students as they harness the capabilities of the platform fully and responsibly. School Hack is already in use in the UAE across schools such as Citizens School Dubai. 

Kiril Evtimov, CEO of Core42 and G42's Group CTO, said: “Our partnership with AIREV represents an important step in our journey to elevate human experiences through responsible development and adoption of AI at scale. It is rooted in our shared passion for education, and application of cutting-edge technology to address the evolving needs of educators and learners.

This strategic collaboration epitomizes Core42’s dedication to harness the transformative power of AI, driving the nation's vision forward, and unwavering commitment to work closely with the national start-up community — cultivating a thriving local technology ecosystem, fortified by advanced AI infrastructure, tools and capabilities.”

Muhammad Khalid, CEO and Founder of AIREV, Creator of School Hack said: “Partnering with Core42 marks a significant milestone, showcasing our commitment to AI excellence. The UAE's dedication to AI advancement sets a global standard. Together, we're focused on developing Gen AI products to positively impact lives. This collaboration, strengthened by our close relationship with the Core42, embodies our vision for a better, tech-driven future.”

Core42 and AIREV’s collaboration encapsulates the UAE's ambitious AI strategy to establish the nation as a pioneering AI hub by 2031, aligning with the vision to integrate AI across key sectors, enhancing economic performance and preparing a future-ready workforce.

About Core42

Core42, a G42 company, is a full-spectrum AI enablement solutions provider. Being at the core of the G42 ecosystem, Core42 serves as a trusted partner who innovates and implements at speed and scale. Building on our global partnerships and comprehensive set of capabilities across cloud, cybersecurity, AI & data, and digital services, our purpose is to accelerate what people, enterprises and nations can achieve with AI.

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AI Revolution (AIREV) is an innovative company established by Muhammed Khalid, Kayaan Unwalla, and Youssef Youssef, emerging from their creation of the groundbreaking Gen AI platform, School Hack. School Hack, a leading AI application for students, has transformed into an AI-powered educational social network, amassing over 2 million users and responding to more than 62 million queries. As a certified partner with industry giants like Microsoft, Nvidia, and AWS, AIREV leverages its success in education to expand its technological prowess into diverse sectors such as healthcare, law, and finance, aiming to revolutionize these industries with their advanced AI solutions.