Kuwait: ABCK-AmCham Kuwait in collaboration with BNK Automotive held a conference by inviting AmCham Kuwait Members from different industries including the energy sector, as well as different Embassies who participated in the event in order to learn more about Electric vehicles, the many benefits that come with Electric Vehicle adaptation, and they also spoke about the future of electric vehicles globally and in Kuwait for automotive brands and the end user.

Mohammed Algharaballi, Brand Experience Professional at BNK opened the event by introducing participants to Volvo’s history, achievements, and collaborations, as well as their impact on the Electric Vehicle industry. Algharaballi also explored the current status of electric vehicle numbers in Kuwait, and how the perception of electric vehicles and their longevity has shifted over the past few years. Algharaballi stated “The world of automotive is shifting towards electrification, and BNK Automotive is honored to be in a position to help catalyze this change in Kuwait towards a brighter and greener future.”

Moving on, Nils Mösko, Head of Strategy & Business Development at Polestar continued the event by introducing Polestar and its history. Mösko also highlighted the fact that Polestar is the first ever purely electric vehicle brand introduced in the Kuwait market, and this is a milestone that will pave the way for other manufacturers to introduce a fully electric vehicle option in the future, which will enable to users to have more options and will make electric vehicles more available for the public.

Mösko spoke about Polestars’ technological and engineering synergies with Volvo Cars and benefits from significant economies of scale as a result. He also stated that the success of the brand has been enabled by collaborations and partnerships that focus on decarbonization and sustainability. The goal of Polestar is to produce a climate-neutral car by 2030 without offset.

In March 2022, Polestar revealed its second concept car, an electric performance roadster that builds on the design, technology, and sustainability ambitions laid out by Precept and displays the brand’s vision for future sports cars. The hard-top convertible presents an evolution of the unique design language first shown by Precept and emphasizes a dynamic driving experience. The concept further develops the focus on sustainability and technology, aiming toward greater circularity. Polestar confirmed in August 2022 that a version of the concept will be executed as the Polestar 6 electric performance roadster, with a launch expected in 2026.


The event provided an opportunity for participants to learn more about electric vehicles and their impact on the environment. As Kuwait explores the new era of electric vehicles, the hope is to increase road safety as electric vehicles have several automated features which enable the user’s safety, being part of the many reasons why electric vehicles are the future not just for Kuwait but globally, as this will help countries with building cleaner energy policies, and it will bring an era of innovation and development. To finalize the event, BNK’s GIA provided food and drinks for the participants, and participants were able to schedule test drives at the Volvo Studios for the Polestar 2.

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