Manama: The Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait (BBK), in collaboration with the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF), recently announced the launch the third edition of the Digital Literacy Programme. This initiative aims to enhance the digital skills of Bahraini citizens, equipping them with the necessary technological capabilities to navigate the data-driven digital age, thereby bridging the digital gap and fostering comprehensive digital transformation.

The programme's primary objective is to improve digital skills and demonstrate effective use of various digital applications and platforms, including electronic payment systems, e-government services, and social media. By doing so, the program supports the development of critical skills needed to meet the demands of the digital era.

Building on the success of its first and second editions, which empowered more than 200 participants, the third edition targets individuals keen on enhancing their digital ability with electronic platforms and applications. The curriculum comprises four main modules, namely: “Stay Connected”, “Stay Efficient”, “Stay Productive” and “Stay Secure”. These modules are carefully designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills, concepts, and tools needed to achieve higher levels of accuracy, efficiency, quality, and productivity in various aspects of life.

Dr. Abdul Rahman Saif, BBK Group CE, emphasised the programme's significance, stating, "The Digital Literacy programme reflects our commitment to advancing the digital skills of individuals in Bahraini society. It enables participants to leverage various electronic services, including the financial and banking services offered by BBK. This initiative aligns with our leadership in digital transformation, empowering individuals to use digital devices and technologies efficiently, manage and share digital content effectively, and foster creativity." Dr. Saif added that the programme is a testament to BBK's dedication to providing impactful social responsibility programs that contribute to the growth and prosperity of Bahraini society.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Shaikh, CEO of BIBF, shared his enthusiasm, saying, "The first and second editions of this unique programme received remarkable interest. We are launching the third edition to further strengthen the digital skills of Bahraini citizens, supporting the Kingdom's comprehensive developmental plans. The programme aims to enhance, organise, and adopt digital skills while localising their training content, emphasising the importance of continuous training on evolving electronic platforms and applications."

Dr. Al-Shaikh expressed his deep gratitude to BBK for supporting this national initiative, which reflects the bank's forward-looking vision of leadership and innovation. He highlighted that this initiative is part of BIBF's ongoing commitment to developing national talents' skills, contributing to a diversified, fast-growing, and technologically advanced economy, in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The third edition of the programmme is scheduled to launch on June 30. Interested individuals are encouraged to register by visiting the programme page: