Cairo – The American University in Cairo (AUC) and Microsoft Egypt signed yesterday a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to provide students with the necessary tools and experience to strengthen their digital skills and meet the changing needs of tomorrow's labor market. The MoU was signed by Ahmad Dallal, AUC President and Microsoft Egypt Country Manager Mirna Arif at AUC New Cairo campus.

“This is a significant endeavor between AUC and Microsoft to create a framework that would support AUC’s digital transformation strategy and pave the way for more opportunities for innovation,” said Dallal, AUC president. “The American University in Cairo has long been a keen leader and advocate for digitization as a driver to enhance and support teaching, research, operations and all aspects of University life,” he added.

Dallal also emphasized that AUC’s vision is to strengthen partnerships with technology leaders such as Microsoft. “The role of this MoU is to cement this partnership and leverage what it brings to both parties and our educational mission.” 

To upskill students and ensure they have the skills needed to drive innovation today and when they graduate and start their careers, the MoU will enable AUC to develop a comprehensive digital transformation strategy with Microsoft. It (the MoU) includes providing digital learning resources for students and instructors, supporting nontechnical students by offering AI-related courses and creating student ambassador programs to enable students to make a difference in the world and empower others. The MoU also includes developing global technology programs to allow students to tackle some of the world's biggest social, environmental and health problems by building purpose-driven applications with Microsoft. According to Microsoft Data Science, it is estimated that by 2025, there will be 149 million new technology jobs in areas like privacy and trust, cybersecurity, data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence, cloud and data roles, and software development.  

Mirna Arif, general manager of Microsoft, said she is excited to ink the deal with AUC to ensure that students have the necessary skills to fuel their future opportunities and success in an increasingly digital economy. “The need for digital skills has never been more important than it is today,” said Arif. "With the economy becoming increasingly digital, it is clear that those with the necessary skills will thrive and have lucrative opportunities in this new type of economy. Education institutions must therefore play a key role in leading students and preparing them for the future of work in an ever-changing world."


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