In the presence of HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Minister of Energy, Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of the Oil Sustainability Program (OSP), and H.E. Ahmed AlKhateeb, Minister of Tourism, Secretary General of the Board of Directors of Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA), the Oil Sustainability Program (OSP) signed an MoU with Diriyah Gate Development Authority to promote collaboration in using sustainable polymer materials in the latter’s projects, provide the required technical and logistic support, and collaborate with relevant entities in this field.

The MoU was signed by Eng. Mohammad Hitham AlTayyar, Program Director of OSP, and Mr. Jerry Inzerillo, Chief Executive Officer of Diriyah Gate Development Authority.

This MoU reflects the interdependence and integration of the Saudi Vision 2030 programs, given that OSP and DGDA are outcomes of this vision. The OSP aims to sustain and grow demand on hydrocarbons, whether as a competitive energy source or raw materials used to produce various important products, while maintaining the highest levels of economic and environmental efficiency. Meanwhile, the DGDA is carrying out projects that rely on sustainability principles and environment protection.

It is noteworthy that this MoU aims at building a strategic cooperation between the OSP and DGDA on hydrocarbon-based materials. This includes identifying opportunities that would improve the construction and operation processes in DGDA’s projects and developing plans to assess and implement these opportunities, as well as to develop awareness strategies to highlight common goals. The cooperation also includes providing the required technical information and support for materials evaluation, coordinating between manufacturers, suppliers and relevant entities, and providing the required support when implementing these opportunities.

The Oil Sustainability Program (OSP) was launched in 2020 with the participation of multiple government agencies, research institutions and companies. It works on maximizing the added value of hydrocarbons through developing innovative hydrocarbon-based materials, promoting new and sustainable uses for these materials, such as using polymer-based materials. Furthermore, it supports the localization of the associated supply chain in the Kingdom and explores opportunities to maximize the use of raw materials that use Saudi oil as part of the feedstock value chain both regionally and globally.

Within the framework of the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030, the Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) was established in 2017 to preserve the history of Diriyah, celebrate its community and develop At-Turaif historic district, which is listed among UNESCO World Heritage sites, to be one of the world’s largest gathering places and a center for Saudi culture and heritage.

The DGDA works on designing, restoring and renovating Diriyah through several ambitious projects, while applying the traditional Najdi architecture principles, for which the cities and villages of the Kingdom’s central region have been known for centuries. Besides focusing on cultural experiences, Diriyah will be providing special services in different areas such as entertainment, education, shopping, dining, hospitality, and residential and work spaces.


About Diriyah  

Diriyah is set to become Saudi Arabia’s foremost historical, cultural, and lifestyle destination. As part of the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision, seven square kilometers of Diriyah will be transformed into one of the world’s foremost historic tourism destinations.

Diriyah is located within Riyadh province, just 15 minutes northwest of Riyadh’s city center. It is recognized as a symbolic center of inspiration for the generations of leaders that have led the Kingdom since the foundation of the first Saudi Arabian state in 1727. 

As the nation's renewed cultural and historic capital, Diriyah will be designed and built with Saudi traditions and heritage in mind. The mixed-use traditional urban community will be created in an authentic Najdi architectural style, typical of Saudi villages of centuries past. Sitting at the cultural heart of Diriyah lies the historic city of At-Turaif. Built in 1766, At-Turaif is recognized as one of the world’s foremost mud-brick cities. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010, it is today set to become one of the nation’s must-see historic destinations.

With cultural and lifestyle experiences at its heart, Diriyah will be enriched by entertainment, learning, shopping, dining, hospitality, and residential and workplace offerings. On completion, it will be home to a population of 100,000 residents, workers, students, and visitors and will celebrate the rich cultural history of Saudi Arabia. 

The development will feature an array of world-class cultural, entertainment, retail, hospitality, educational, office, and residential areas, including 38 hotels, a diverse collection of museums, a bustling retail heart, and over 100 places to dine. The existing Bujairi Terrace will soon be home to Riyadh’s new premium dining hub, enjoying uninterrupted views of At-Turaif; and the 141-key SamhanHeritage Hotel. Wadi Hanifah, a two square kilometer space accessible from the escarpment walk, will provide passive and active recreational spaces and boutique hospitality venues; places to unwind and spend the afternoon with family and friends in the beautiful wadi surroundings. 

About Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA)

Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) was established in July 2017 to preserve Diriyah’s history, celebrate its community and develop the historic UNESCO World Heritage site of At-Turaif into one of the world’s greatest gathering places at the heart of Saudi Arabian culture and heritage.

We are focused on the protection and preservation of the Kingdom’s history including the stories of our forefathers as well as our physical heritage. In line with design, development, and preservation standards, DGDA will create an environment that enhances Diriyah’s historic, national and international relevance including the preservation of At-Turaif. 

DGDA is transforming Diriyah into one of the region’s foremost destinations for cultural knowledge-sharing activities and international events. We aspire to develop Diriyah into a global gathering place by creating rich experiences that narrate the stories of our history, instilling a sense of Saudi Arabian pride, and creating globally renowned destinations and landmarks. The Authority is ensuring Diriyah’s cultural landmarks are complemented by leading hospitality brands, fine dining experiences, and world-class retail offerings.

We are devoted to enabling the people of Diriyah to achieve their goals. DGDA will celebrate the local community, showing social, cultural, and historical achievements, connecting with the roots of the Saudi state, and creating solid foundations on which to build the best possible future for the community. 

DGDA works alongside Diriyah’s executive bodies, as the primary regulator for the supervisory area (190sqkm) and will exercise best practices in Land Management, and Building Permit and License issuance and oversight. 

About Diriyah Development Company 

Diriyah Development Company (DevCo) is a subsidiary entity within DGDA that is responsible for the design, development, and delivery aspects of the project. It was set up in 2021 as part of the Authority’s growth acceleration plans, with the new structure helping DGDA to prepare for imminent and expedited expansion. 

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