• AI-powered technology will reduce administrative burden on healthcare professionals and create more time for patient care
  • Technology uses artificial intelligence to deliver proactive nudges to clinicians, which enables them to proactively address any common documentation shortcomings

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: In line with its continued plans to support the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 Health Sector Transformation Programme, 3M today launched the 3M™ M*Modal Fluency Direct, the latest speech and AI-powered technology, at the 2022 HIMSS Middle East Health Conference & Exhibition in Riyadh. This technology, which focuses on accelerating digital health transformation in the Kingdom, will help clinicians in all care settings to capture the complete and accurate patient story while simultaneously focusing on delivering high-quality patient care.

The 3M™ M*Modal Fluency Direct is an all-in-one solution which will enable physicians of any medical specialty to conversationally create, review, edit and sign clinical notes directly within electronic health records. This technology will ensure acceleration of clinical documentation processes across healthcare facilities in the Kingdom and will reduce the administrative burden on healthcare professionals. Furthermore, it will help to improve the clinician and patient experience, and drive productivity in the healthcare sector.

The technology uses artificial intelligence to deliver proactive nudges to clinicians as they document patient encounters in electronic health records, which enables them to proactively address any common documentation shortcomings at the time of note creation. In addition to improving the quality of documentation, it will enable more accurate coding and appropriate reimbursement.

The 3M™ M*Modal Fluency Direct launch supports the Vision 2030 Health Sector Transformation Programme by helping to deliver more value-based care in the Kingdom, as well as expanding the reach of e-health services, resulting in improved quality of care for patients.

Mohamed Al Holibi, Regional Business Manager, 3M Health Information Systems – MEA said: “At 3M, we are committed to transforming healthcare by empowering clinicians and providers, creating more time to care and leading the shift from volume to value-based care. As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to drive efforts to restructure its health sector, 3M’s solutions are helping to accelerate digital health transformation in the Kingdom. Through innovative solutions such as the 3M™ M*Modal Fluency Direct, we are helping to improve clinical documentation, and at the same time, the quality of care.”

At the 2022 HIMSS Middle East Health Conference & Exhibition, 3M will also shed light on its AI-powered speech recognition solution during a Tech Leadership session titled ‘Creating Time to Care: Closing the Loop on Clinical Documentation Using Artificial Intelligence’ and will demonstrate its innovation acceleration in artificial intelligence powered conversational solutions that is changing the paradigm on patient-physician interactions and clinical workflows.

Speaking at the event, Erik Van Hoeymissen, Vice President Global Clinician Solutions at 3M Health Information Systems said: “In recent years, healthcare has evolved considerably. Today, there is a clear need to reduce the administrative burden on healthcare professionals, which will allow them to have more time to focus on patient care and improve the overall patient experience. 3M™ M*Modal Fluency Direct is a solution that enables clinicians to do exactly that: it significantly speeds up the clinical documentation process by enabling a voice driven conversational interaction with the electronic health record, while at the same time improving clinical documentation quality by proactively nudging clinicians and surfacing important information in real time through AI based speech understanding technology.”

3M™ M*Modal Fluency Direct will help improve documentation leading to accurate coding and proper DRG assignment, which is also supported by the 3M™ Data Abstracting and Reporting Software (DARS) project, which was successfully implemented at more than 180 hospitals across the Kingdom this year. The innovative web-based data management platform supports case management, streamlines workflow, and helps improve other aspects of department and hospital performance.

Since the rollout of the DARS project in 2021, more than 400,000 charts have been successfully coded, submitted and validated by the Regulatory Data Submission Tool, and through HL7 integration engine. In addition, 3M DARS is interfaced with more than 15 inbound and outbound Electronic Health Record vendors in Saudi Arabia. The project was successfully carried out by 3M Saudi National teams who provided clinical trainings on 3M DARS and 3M™ Codefinder™ Software to more than 475 coders on-site across 14 cities in the Kingdom. In addition to the trainings, a utilization project was also carried out to help the clusters define performance goals, improve data quality, measure coders productivity, analyze, and increase performance.

3M is showcasing its 3M™ M*Modal Fluency Direct technology at booth no. 250 at the 2022 HIMSS Middle East Health Conference & Exhibition taking place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from 19 – 21 November 2022.


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