The days of extreme summer heat in the UAE are nearing an end. The much-anticipated Suhail star is expected to be seen over the southeastern horizon of the Arabian Peninsula, starting from the dawn of August 24, according to a UAE astronomer.

This celestial event traditionally marks the end of the extreme heat and heralds the approach of more pleasant temperatures. UAE residents and visitors can look forward to enjoying cooler evenings and more comfortable days.

Ibrahim Al Jarwan, member of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences, said on Twitter that the appearance of the Suhail star (or the Canopus) signals a change in the summer, promising a decrease in scorching temperatures and the beginning of a shift towards more temperate weather conditions.

He explained that people of the region initially expected the star to appear on August 15 or 18, sensing the change in the weather in the UAE.

“However, observing Canopus before August 20 is impossible in southern areas like Liwa and before August 25 in northern regions like Ras Al Khaimah,” confirmed Al Jarwan.

The rising of the Suhail star has cultural and historical significance in the region, but it does not immediately lead to a drastic change in weather conditions. While it marks an astronomical event, it doesn't directly result in an instantaneous moderation of weather conditions.

Since ancient times, people of the Arabian Peninsula had a keen interest in looking at the stars because that would mean the start of the season, the times of rain, and the period of hot and cold weather.

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