Residents in the UAE are currently enjoying the longest break of the year and soaking in the 9-day long Eid Al Fitr festivities with cloudy skies and scattered rains in some areas.

As the holiday winds up on April 14, it would be 'back-to-work' for public and private sector employees on Monday. However, the weather forecast predicts stormy conditions in the region for the coming week affecting Abu Dhabi and Dubai as well.

It's a mixed-bag weather forecast on Monday, starting the day with some sunshine peeking through the clouds. But residents must brace for thunderstorms rolling in by the afternoon.

Temperatures in the day will climb to a toasty 31°C. As the day progresses into the evening, thunderstorms are likely to develop, with a higher probability of rainfall. The chance of rain increases to 80% during the night, indicating a high likelihood of thunderstorms, according to

Earlier, Dr Ahmed Habib, a climate expert from the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), told Khaleej Times, "The region experiences the passage of extensions of low-pressure systems at both upper and surface levels, moving from west to east."

These conditions may include extensions, such as troughs from the east. If these depressions intensify, they could result in heightened cloud cover in specific regions, potentially increasing the likelihood of rainfall.

Thunderstorms are expected throughout the day on Tuesday. The temperature will be slightly cooler, with a high of 28°C. Winds will come from the southeast at 24 to 40 km/h. There is an 80% chance of rain, and residents should be aware of the potential for flash floods.

During the night, thunderstorms will continue, with the chance of rain decreasing slightly to 70%. The temperature will drop to around 23°C, with southeast winds shifting to west-southwest at 16 to 32 km/h.

Residents and motorists must exercise caution as thunderstorms may result in localised heavy rainfall, leading to potential flash floods in certain areas. Drivers should avoid flooded wadis and submerged areas and follow traffic rules.

The weather will take a turn for the better on Wednesday, with sunshine expected along with some cloudy intervals. The temperature will be around 27°C.

Rapid changes in the weather are expected throughout next week in the UAE, with thunderstorms dominating the forecast at the start, followed by clearer skies towards the middle of the week.

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