NEOM: NEOM and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) announced the extension of their partnership for an additional four years until 2029 in the AFC Women's Champions League, the first women's football tournament in Asia, as well as their support for national team competitions and member clubs within the federation.

Through the partnership, NEOM and AFC aim to promote diversity in sports and support women's football in Asia.

NEOM project CEO Nadhmi A-Nasr emphasized that the partnership with AFC provides a significant opportunity to develop the sports sector across Asia and create more pathways that meet to the needs of talented individuals and football enthusiasts worldwide.

He added that the partnership with AFC aligns with NEOM's strategic vision and goals, contributing to realizing the targets of the Saudi Vision 2030.

Meanwhile, AFC secretary general Datuk Seri Windsor John explained that renewing the partnership with NEOM enhances the attractiveness of AFC competitions by engaging hundreds of millions of Asian football fans. He expressed aspiration that the partnership would create more historical successes with NEOM and advance the development of football globally.