Riyadh: The Saudi national cycling team inaugurated its participation in the Gulf Youth Games by winning gold and silver medals in the cycling competitions Tuesday in Abu Dhabi, raising the Saudi number of medals to 57 -- 27 gold, 18 silver, and 12 bronze.

The national cycling team gained the first gold medal in the first day of the cycling competitions, with the tripartite, Hussein Al-Safar, Taha Al-Khalifa, and Saleh Al-Zayed, taking first place in the junior category 20 km race with a time of 25:28.

The quartet of Faris Maher, Mohammed Al-Yousef, Amin Mansour, and Salman Al-Salman won the second medal, a silver, for the youth category 40 km race with a time of 51:48.

The cycling team will continue participation in the tournament involving the youth individual 70 km competition and junior 40 km individual competitions on Thursday.