Riyadh: Saudi international equestrian Abdullah Al-Sharbatly emerged victorious, securing the Grand Prix title in the prestigious 5-star category at the Doha International Equestrian Tour 2024.

Al-Sharbatly’s triumph marked the culmination of the three-week championship, which featured multiple categories, including 2-star, 4-star, and 5-star, attracting elite equestrians from around the world.

The Saudi equestrian team demonstrated a strong presence throughout the competition, achieving an impressive first-place finish in seven rounds. Notably, Al-Sharbatly reached the pinnacle of success by claiming the top position in the Grand Prix of the 5-star category and emerging triumphant in the 145cm class of the same tournament.

Abdullah Al-Rajhi showcased his exceptional skills, earning first place in the 150cm class of the 4-star category as well as securing the top spot in the 145cm class of the 5-star category.

Complementing his teammates’ achievements, Khaled Al-Eid captured first place in the challenging 140cm class of the 5-star category. Furthermore, Abdulaziz Al-Eid claimed first place in two thrilling rounds at 130cm in the 2-star category.

The Saudi equestrians achieved several other impressive placements across various rounds of the highly competitive Doha Tour 2024.