Riyadh: AlUla is gearing up to host the First World Championship for International Camel Endurance on May 4, offering an impressive prize pool exceeding SAR 2 million.

The competition features a 16-kilometer race, divided into two stages, each covering 8 kilometers, with a 30-minute rest period separating these stages. To reach the ultimate stage, the top 20 male participants and 15 female participants from the initial stage will qualify. The final results will be determined by considering the combined best timings from both stages.

The championship will announce the results separately for each gender. The victors of the men's and women's categories will be awarded a prestigious prize of SAR 500,000 each.

Furthermore, the remaining prize money will be distributed among the top 10 winners in each category.

This event was officially launched during the third General Assembly of the International Camel Racing Federation (ICRF), chaired by Prince Fahad bin Jalawi bin Abdulaziz, on September 5 in Taif.

The General Assembly expressed its gratitude to Saudi Arabia for hosting the inaugural edition of this championship.