Jeddah - Activities of Jeddah Season 2022 witnessed a remarkable presence and interaction from visitors of different nationalities, to enjoy the various offers and events being offered by the season, which suit different ages and meet all desires.

Jeddah Art's restaurants and cafes, in addition to the daily international circus shows, were very popular with residents and tourists, who found the opportunity to spend the most beautiful times with their children and families, documenting the moments of happiness that the various events drew on their faces, and enjoy the events and live shows they offer.

Nevin Hassan, from Egypt, expressed her great happiness with the activities she saw in Jeddah Art and the diversity of the shows presented, which added an atmosphere of joy and happiness to everyone.

She confirmed that the season's activities are suitable for all family members, highlighting her personal admiration for the fireworks displays that are launched on a daily basis in the evening and throughout the season, explaining that they attracted children and fascinated them with their beauty and wonderful colors.

Rima Khalid said, the shows being presented by Jeddah Season formed a beautiful painting of joy for youngsters, whose fireworks were a point of attraction and suspense for them that they were keen to watch, in addition to other games and shows.

For his part, Rayan praised the presence of a large number of restaurants in the event zones, and their diversity to suit all tastes, and reduce crowding, pointing to the beauty of the interactive displays along Jeddah Art zone, which attracted many visitors from inside and outside the Kingdom.