As the city of Dubai glistens with shades of red, symbolising love and romance, it's important not to overlook the vibrant community of singles who are also eager to celebrate Valentine's Day. While traditionally associated with couples, Valentine's Day has evolved into a day to commemorate all forms of love.

'Galentine's day'

Yasmin Musa, a British expat, has a unique plan for Valentine's Day. She intends to celebrate "Galentine's Day," a day dedicated to celebrating the bond of friendship among women. Yasmin and her female friends will have a girls' night out the day before Valentine's Day, dressing up and enjoying a delightful dinner together. This celebration underscores the importance of cherishing friendships and the love that exists beyond romantic relationships.

Embracing nature

Hisham, a 28-year-old resident of Sharjah, has never celebrated Valentine's Day with a partner. He envisions celebrating it in the future with his future wife. However, Hisham values the importance of friendship and always finds unique ways to celebrate special occasions with his close friends. This year, he and his friends have planned to enjoy Valentine's Day in the tranquil desert of Al Ruwayyah with a BBQ, embracing nature and creating lasting memories.

“As Valentine's Day happens to be in the middle of the week, we will head there early from 4-5pm, so we can head back early. You don’t overthink the day, it’s just another occasion, ” Hisham said

Exchanging gifts

Leem Gorashi, a 25-year-old Sudanese expat, is excited about celebrating Valentine's Day with her single female friend in Dubai. They have decided to have a special evening that includes a dinner outing and perhaps some bowling. In the spirit of the occasion, they plan to exchange small gifts.

“It’s a cute day because love will be all over the atmosphere in Dubai. You don’t need a partner to celebrate Valentine's Day, you can celebrate it with your family and friends.” Leem told Khaleej times.

Creating meaningful connections

Alaa Mustafa, another British expat residing in Dubai, has a unique approach to Valentine's Day. She sees it as an opportunity to fully immerse herself in the spirit of romance. "Valentine's Day for me is an excuse to show up in hearts and pink and read 'All About Love' by Bell Hooks for the 4th time," she said. However, for Alaa, Valentine's Day goes beyond the commercial aspect and holds deeper meaning.

"I'll spend it with family and friends, which is more symbolic than people think because it's where I was first born into love," Alaa shared. She believes that the bonds between family and friends have a direct impact on our outlook on love and romantic relationships. By celebrating Valentine's Day with loved ones, she nurtures those meaningful connections and strengthens the foundation of love in her life.

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