Lanterns and decorative lights

Traditional lanterns, known as fanous or fanoos, have become a global symbol of Ramadan, as people worldwide light candles to adorn their homes during the holy month. This practice creates a festive atmosphere, and in addition to lanterns, various lighting options like wall lamps, LED lights, and string lights can be used for decoration.

Scented candles

: Scented candles offer a minimal yet elegant Ramadan decor idea, not only providing illumination but also uplifting one's mood. The rich aromas, such as fresh lavender or sweet floral notes, contribute to a more spiritual ambiance during Ramadan.

Exclusive dinnerware

For an exquisite Ramadan dinner table, consider using porcelain dinnerware and Arabic napkins to add a traditional touch. Arrange a variety of dishes, including fresh fruits, vegetables, halal meat delicacies, bread, and sweets on vintage trays and fine bone China. Fun elements like star and moon-shaped serving trays for dry fruits can be incorporated, and festive table linen can impress guests during potluck parties.

Celebratory banner

Adding a celebratory Ramadan door hanger on the front door or in the living room can bring a festive touch to the living space. It serves as a decorative item that enhances the Ramadan-themed ambiance.

Carpets for your floors

Decorating the floor with beautiful carpets is recommended for special occasions like Ramadan. Opt for soft rugs, creatively designed carpets, and satin washable area rugs to enhance the beauty of your home. Super-absorbent floor mats can be used in the bathroom area, providing a clean and stylish look while keeping guests warm and comfortable.

Plants and flower arrangements

Including indoor plants and flowers in your Ramadan decor adds a modern twist to the cosy atmosphere. Flower arrangements can subtly impact your decoration, creating a focal point of freshness and adding fun to the decorating process.

Ramadan calendar

For a family bonding activity, consider a DIY Ramadan calendar as a creative project. This hands-on approach not only unleashes creativity but also brings the family together in preparation for the holy month.

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