MADINAH — More than 230,000 iftar meals have been distributed to the visitors of the Prophet's Mosque in Madinah.

The Iftar meals included 87,805 meals served inside the Prophet's Mosque, and 142,351 meals served at its outdoor squares.

The Director of the Department of Iftar Services for Fasting People at the Prophet’s Mosque, Walid Al-Jihani, has revealed that the number of iftar sofra inside the mosque is nearly 3,035, of which more than 2,160 sofra in the men's section, and 879 in the women's section.

He noted that the number of sofra in the arenas is estimated at more than 650 sofra of varying lengths.

The Agency of the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Prophet's Mosque is organizing the iftar service and the preparation of the meals through sofra companies, or via an approved catering service in accordance to the highest quality standards to ensure the safety of the fasting people.

Only certain items, such as dates, yogurt, bread, pies, coffee and tea, are allowed inside the Prophet’s Mosque and they must be offered to fasting people in accordance with their health requirements.

Meals for the fasting people are received after the end of the Asr prayer through specific doors in all directions of the Prophet’s Mosque.

The agency has allocated field observers to supervise the entry of food sofra until they are removed in an organized manner in a short time before the Maghrib prayer, and this is done with cooperation between the workers in the Prophet’s Mosque and the sofra owners.

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