The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) stressed that recent rumours circulated on social media regarding changes to the federal government working hours from 1st July 2023 are baseless.

The authority also urged the public and social media users to verify the accuracy of the information and take such news from the UAE's official sources and social media accounts.

It then affirmed that the executive regulations of the Human Resources Law pertain to the introduction of new employment schedules and types of work, such as part-time work, temporary work, flexible work, on-site or remote work both inside and outside the country, hybrid working model and compressed working hours.

The compressed working hours system is a type of arrangement that increases the flexibility of the government work environment and facilitates efficiency. The adoption of such a system is subject to specific and clear controls, exceptions and privacy considerations related to the duties of each federal entity and specific positions, FAHR added.

The system can only be implemented with the approval of the entity's head, within a defined and short-term timeframe, and in special cases, following specified guidelines in human resources manuals, it said in conclusion.