The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) in the UAE has clarified 10 circumstances under which employers can terminate their employees' contracts.

Here are the situations in which employment contracts can be legally terminated:

1. If the employer impersonates someone else or submits forged documents or certificates

2. If the employee makes an error causing substantial material loss to the employer, or if he/she deliberately damages the employer's properties and admits to doing so

3. If the employee violates the internal regulations of the establishment, regarding workplace and employees' safety

4. If the employee fails to perform the duties as outlined in the contract and continues to violate them despite being warned

5. If the employee reveals any secrets of the establishment resulting in losses or a missed opportunity, or if he/she seeks personal benefits

6. If the employee is found to be mentally unstable during working hours due to consuming alcohol or drugs, or if he/she commits an action breaching public morals at the workplace

7. If the employee assaults the employer, manager, or any colleague

8. If the employee fails to provide a valid reason for being absent for more than 20 intermittent or seven consecutive days in one year

9. If the employee illegally takes advantage of his/her position to obtain personal gains

10. If the employee joins another establishment without abiding by the relevant rules and procedures.

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